Indicted: Debbie Wasserman Schultz's IT Staffer Imran Awan and Wife Hina Alvi have been Indicted on Four Counts of Bank Fraud

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A grand jury has indicted Imran Awan and his wife on four counts related to bank fraud.

On July 25th, Imran Awan was taken into custody as he attempted to flee the country for Pakistan.

The Awan brothers and several of their wives have been under investigation by capital police in regards to fraudulent activities with the Congressional Federal Credit Union.

The four criminal indictments include:

  1. Conspiracy to commit bank fraud
  2. False statements on a loan or credit application
  3. Unlawful monetary transactions
  4. Engaging in unlawful monetary transactions

The indictment itself... merely represents formal charges and is not a finding of guilt

Source: Fox News

The bank fraud charges stem from housing loans issued to Awan and Alvi that were subsequently sent to Pakistan.

Awan and Alvi allegedly obtained $285,000 in home equity loans from the Congressional Federal Credit Union on two residential properties in Virginia, according to the indictment. The couple then transferred nearly all of those funds — $283,000 — to individuals in Faisalabad, Pakistan, the indictment states. They repaid one loan, but failed to repay $165,000 from another loan.

Source: Politico

Awan Brothers

The indictments of Imran Awan and his wife are just the tip of the iceberg as there is much more to the story than has been reported in the msm. Despite being banned from working in congress while under investigation DWS kept Imran on her payroll until his arrest in late July at Dulles airport in Virginia.

Imran Awan is the former IT staffer to congressional Democrat, and close confidant of Hillary Clinton, Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Imran Awan worked as an IT staffer for at least 30 congressional Democrats and there are serious allegations that go much deeper than bank fraud that includes the Awans playing a central role in a spy ring in congress. As IT staffers, the Awan brothers had access to sensitive government information.

Long Time Coming

Citizen Journalist George Webb has been breaking the story of the Awan brother spy ring for 5 months. Here is a brief summary of some of the suspicious circumstances surrounding the Awans.

  • Awans are Pakistani Nationals (suspected Pakistani ISI)
  • Awans received 2x the average IT staffer salary ($160,000 a year)
  • Worked under 30 congressional Democrats
  • Operating an external server storing sensitive government information
  • Awan Brothers own 12 houses
  • Awans own dozens of businesses while working in congress: a car dealership (Cars International), Nanoset technologies (satellite/IT company), Awan Brothers LLC, Awan Brothers Inc., Awan Brothers Pharma, Awan Brothers shipping, etc.
  • Received numerous bank loans for millions of dollars from congressional credit union

George Webb's crowd sourced investigation has accumulated, what he describes as, a 'tsunami' of evidence against the Awans and their activities.

EDIT: Relevant information

Awan Court Documents

Awan Court Docs1.png

awan bank fraud.png

George Webb reacts to Awan Indictment

Additional Sources

Fox News
Gateway Pundit


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I am so gladdened to hear this news. There is still a chance that this network of charlatans can still be prosecuted. It's been 40+ years of Clinton/Bush and these people need to account for their crimes and criminals, they be.


Absolutely agree. Although indicting Awan is a good start, he is small fries compare to who the real criminals are, i.e. Clintons. When will we start seeing these indictments?:

Hillary Clinton - Top Secret documents on an unsecured server; NO INDICTMENT
Eric Holder - Using the BATFE to run guns to Mexico; NO INDICTMENT
Barack Obama - Knowledge before and after the fact, gun running Fast and Furious to Mexico; NO INDICTMENT
Lois Learner - Targeting Americans using Tax Code; NO INDICTMENT
Hillary Clinton - Pay for Play involving the Clinton Foundation involving BILLIONS of dollars violating the RICO law and Foreign Corrupt Practices Act; NO INDICTMENT
Susan Rice - Using FISA court warrants and her authority as National Securing Advisor to the President of the US for political purposes; NO INDICTMENT
James Comey - Obstruction, document leaks; NO INDICTMENT
Anthony Weiner - US Classified info on personal laptop; NO INDICTMENT
Huma Abedin - Perjury before Congress; NO INDICTMENT
John Podesta - Obstruction, concealing emails between POTUS and Secretary of State; NO INDICTMENT
James Clapper - Perjury before Congress; NO INDICTMENT
BATFE employees, PHX office - Violations of Federal Firearms Law before and after the fact; NO INDICTMENT
Lorette Lynch - Obstruction of Justice; NO INDICTMENT


I think the hope is that there could be a domino effect here beginning with DWS. As the first domino starts to fall, new evidence may be unearthed in the investigation/trial or new sources come forward from inside congress.

The likelihood of this happening is still very slim but there's a ton of evidence being gathered against Imran that could lead to a wider investigation.


That is really what I am hoping and praying for. DWS, then some others, then those others would likely give up Podesta and or Clinton and or someone else higher up. Lynch and what not, maybe Comey. We need to see some of these scum behind bars.


I will continue to hope that this is just a start and that Awan will not be suicided before he starts to talk.


seems like the Clinton's always get away... the whole bunch of them need to be indicted!


Great Reply!


follow me


Nice!! Look like some good outstanding US citizens. 😳That is one hell of a list!!!


This is very encouraging.

I think they're going to try and throw Imran under the bus though.
I'm sure they're feverishly working to keep this as a 'one bad apple' story and attempt to contain the story as a simple bank fraud case.

Yet, I think there's so much more below the surface it's going to be hard to keep the truth concealed. Happy to see GW's crowd sourced investigation proving to be right on the mark with the Awans.


Even tho his whole family will be annihilated, Awan has to take this group of satanistic pedophiles down. They'll annihilate your family either way. No loose ends with the Clintons.


Arkancide cometh


Yet, I think there's so much more below the surface it's going to be hard to keep the truth concealed.

We can only hope, but after just finishing Netflix "House of Cards" I'm not going to be optimistic. YMMV!



Excellent post thanks !!


Lock her up! Lock her up!

This will end up being a very big story. Could lead all the way back to and entrap Hillary as best case outcome.

They have had 20 loans via the Congressional Credit Union and after filing bankruptcy on half of those loans, they were approved for even more. They had car dealerships, homes, a paycheck without working, and God only knows what else. Luckily all of this has been stopped

I'm just glad that he wasn't able to get out of the country in time. Finally people actually getting indicted and charged rather than just a slap on the wrists and letting people walk away.

Thank you for the update @v4vapid

This deserves some attention. Upvoted and resteemed :)


Cheers, like in so many other instances this story is being relegated to the back pages.

that lady is evil

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

This does bear a striking resemblance to DWS!

The Awans weren't IT staffers, they were henchmen who did all of Schultz's dirty work. There is growing evidence of them being used to intimidate Congressmen and destroying DNC data.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I thought that might be implied in Pakistani ISI, but you're right. They intimidated people in congress, probably used spy intel to bribe members as well and GW has argued that they were responsible for hacking the DNC and diverting founds to Hillary from the Bernie campaign.

This is great news. Glad to see it on Steemit first!

So how long before they commit suicide Arkansas style.

This is why the blockchain/openledger is an awesome technology, Crypto is truly the future of finance. It has it flaws, sure, but we are on the way to more technological advances.


The spy ring accusation is scary as hell, too. The Awan brothers are just sock puppets of a bigger state enemy and it's scary that they have infiltrated deep already. I wonder what government informations they already acquired.

This is the year that 4chan won

Excellent comment, I really like your work. I think it is very objective in the analysis and in what you want to convey. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.

Yes!!!!!!!!!!! Next step, bigger fish! Wasserman next please!


That's what I'm hoping for as well! If she goes down the whole criminal structure might begin to crumble.

nic follow me

So crazy, thanks for the update. I read a few things about this few months ago and wondered what happened 🙌🏼


They're trying to distract from this story...think of Charlottesville. If GW is right about the spy ring in congress, this scandal is exponentially bigger than Watergate.

I thought Debbie Wasserman Schultz was gonna get off! What about Seth! who killed Seth? I wonder If debbie knows something?

I am a newbie on Steemit and I really love to understand the rules and all about Steemit Platform. I will read some posts a day to enrich my knowledge on Steemit. Thanks

Timely submission. Reshared @phibetaiota

Deserves it!

More and more strange criminal investigation into Schultz's help
I am not saying that it is more exciting or important than a president to launch a public cry against his own attorney general, but could the national media at least draw attention to the increasingly bizarre accusations surrounding The Deputy for Debbie Wasserman Schultz

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We should start taking bets now to see how long he makes it through this case before his tragic suicide. Or Murder/suicide, there are two of them after all.
Great update V.

You did a great job, keep going. Thank you for sharing this with us @v4vapid

Hopefully this leads to much much more, but it's a great start.

It should have have been Schultz as well being indicted. She used the Awans as shills and disavowed them when the heat was on. Typically (((trickery))).

Interesting post and interested my heart when he saw his greetings know my friends may we become friends.

I was beginning to think more of these criminals were goin to get off!! There are a lot bigger fish to fry, but hey gotta start somewhere! So when is the Clinton machine goin to self destruct. Hitlary tried but somehow managed to escape back to her swamp. LOCK HER UP!!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

She's fucking dumb, theses peoples are not smart and subtle anymore, they were more wise, i'm disappointed by their stupidity but that's great.

I begin to think that they might do their mistakes conscientiously because the agenda does not fit with theirs personal agenda...

Either he is being used to plot some drama against congressional democrats or going to be used as a scapegoat by the same is yet to be established. I barely suspect Pakistani ISI operating out of its regional domain that is south asia. Whatever the motive is behind the scenes will come out soon.

On the other hand, one should be careful forming opinions on the nationalities in view of activities of individuals like these. Especially the influencers, whose power of speech and outreach can potentially bring two opposing groups of thoughts at odds.

Holly cow! I had no idea that this had occurred! Thanks for the story update.

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