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I am pleased to announce a new sponsor has joined our growing list of sponsors for #spud4steem, please welcome @randulakoralage who has kindly offered to add 500sp to the prize pool.
This means our Prize pool on offer for our November 1st #spud4steem day is a massive 15,000 Steem power, add in all the other prizes and its feels like Christmas!

About our New Sponsor @randulakoralage

@randulakoralage is from Sri Lanka and is a member of the Steem POD team who has been on Steemit since September 2018, she is a great Steemian who supports everyone she can and i am excited to have her join as a sponsor :)

She's a star!


Updated Prize pool 15,000SP


We have more 🎁🎈


but wait..there's even more!! @stephenkendal is also running a competition along side #spud4steem


How to enter and qualify for Prizes

Check this link for information #spud4steem Guidelines


These kind sponsors are providing these great delegations as prizes, i really appreciate the work they all do around here


If you would like to sponsor this event let me know :)

Are you ready?

All graphics/pictures designed by @kiwiscanfly
that's a lot of chicken on that bike


Wow.. Good to hear that we have 15000 SP for winners!!! spud4steem winners are now so lucky.

It is happy to sponsor this wonderful event. ♥️..

You're a star mate

Thanks for post. I hope to come to this stage.

@randulakoralage it's great news to hear that you are sponsoring for #spud4steem this month. And @kiwiscanfly good luck with your work


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