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We are around 15 hours till the start of #spud4steem which happens on the first day of every month.
New Zealand will welcome the 1st of November in T-Minus 15 hours which will signal the start of #spud4steem.

Users can Power up in their countries time zone on 1st November 2020

This competition encourages Steemit users to power up and increase their stake/presence here, with a chance to win some great prizes!
Its great to see people writing posts stating they will join #spud4steem and POWER UP, check them out below

There are some AMAZING Prizes 🎁🎁


plus Bonus votes by @steemcurator02


Plus @stephenkendal is running a competition to support #spud4steem


Want to enter?

Check these guidelines out link


Thank you all sponsors for supporting this power up event & everything else you do around Steemit :)

Lets Power some Steem power UP!

All graphics are owned by Sponsors of #spud4steem

I am @kiwisicanfly



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