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Ok, finally, the UNOFFICIAL Winner's List and the Honorable mentions list are now updated. This is the final opportunity for anyone who I might have missed, and/or incorrectly tallied their Steem Power Up to let me know. After 24 hours this WILL become the Official Winner's List.

There were many new "faces" and many returning ones too for SPUD X. I was surely kept busy keeping up with everyone's power ups and posts. I do try to reply to all of you but unfortunately 100% replies are just not possible or I would never get to the data. I did miss a couple of you so hopefully I now have this list pretty close to complete.

Now without further ado:

UNOFFICIAL Winner's List for SPUD X
& Qualifying Entrants

PlaceSteem AcctPowered UpSteem PowerPercentage

**@mariita52 - Stopped a Power Down

Honorable Mentions

Steem AcctPowered UpSteem PowerPercentage


Please check to make sure I have your info on here and that it is correct. I am human and prone to mistakes. I caught a few just making this list, and have looked it over just to be sure I have done the best I could. Let me know within the next 24 hours after which this list becomes official.

Also, I just wanted to mention 2 Steemians of notice for this SPUD. First is @oblivioncubed, a newer Steemian, who did a major Power Up with 189% but due to a mistake on my part and a misunderstanding of the rules, was not entered into the contest due to being shy of the needed Steem Power by just about 3 Steem. I ask that you, the STEEM ARMY troops, go over to his account and show him some Steem Love and support. I know it isn't the same as winning but I hope it helps a little.

The other Steemian I want to mention is @mariita52 who lives in Venezuela. She joined in for SPUD X, but more importantly, she Stopped her current POWER DOWN. I imagine a difficult decision to make when many in Venezuela are in need. I commend you @mariita52 and thank you and fully appreciate the support and belief you are putting in this social experiment we know as the Steem Blockchain. I am sure stoping that Steem Power Down was not an easy decision to see through.


STEEM ARMY, please show her the all powerful STEEM LOVE as she has shown us!!



+++ @streetstyle


Delegation sent. Congratulations @r1s2g3

Good Stuff Dave, thank you. Will you be continuing your prize sponsorship?

Yes. 2500, 1000 and 500 SP delegations instead of just one delegation. #spreadthelove

Ok, you might have to remind me in a week or two when I put out the call for the SPUD sponsors. Thank you again Dave for you amazing support of #spud I truly do appreciate it, as do the many that seem to enjoy supporting this initiative, and of course the winners. Take care.

Good Stuff Dave, thank you.
Will you be continuing
Your prize sponsorship?

                 - streetstyle

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


Congrats to everybody involved and the winners :))
I don't think it would be fair if I entered because my power ups are due to MAP donations for the most part. Not because I'm an investor who is buying STEEM with fiat currency. It's a great project though!

Well done, everyone!

Thanks for the heads-up about @oblivioncubed and @mariita52, @streetstyle - while it's not much, I gave each of their #SPUD posts 100% upvotes & resteems. 😊

I'll be back tomorrow to do the drawing for the prizes offered by myself and @livinguktaiwan - good luck, all!

Regards @traciyork
Thank you for your unconditional support for SPUD.
And the personal mention.
Only good wishes to you.

Thanks for the updates @streetstyle

I think you're a little dizzy now after the big job you've done.
We have to get one to create a program for SPUD, you need a tool for the future. SPUD will be huge.

Yes, we want to show @oblivioncubed some Steem Love and support

hehehe, I got to admint I did go cross-eyed once or twice looking at numbers....and yes, if #spud continues to grow, then at least some automation will have to be done. I have been thinking about and put feelers out there but nothing serious yet....I can still handle it but not sure once this really starts to get going. Have a good week @xpilar Thanks for all the support and for the Steem Love you are spreading.

#steem ♨ On !

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곰돌이가 @bluengel님의 소중한 댓글에 $0.034을 보팅해서 $0.008을 살려드리고 가요. 곰돌이가 지금까지 총 7310번 $93.403을 보팅해서 $98.526을 구했습니다. @gomdory 곰도뤼~


Great turn out!

I'm shocked to be so high on this list, @streetstyle. This is so encouraging. Will get over to your two callouts and give some encouragement to them.

Thank you so much for this effort. You are so helpful to me on my steem journey. See you next month with a better result!

Congrats and thank you for taking part in #spud and an even Bigger Thank You for going over to support those other Steemians, which I believe to be important. Take care.

It would be pretty cool if you pimped @oblivioncubed's contest in your official winners list to try to help grow the worldbuilding community. There is over 50 steem in total prizes. He's trying to build his steemit career and I'm sure losing like this has left a sour taste in his mouth.

Full disclosure, I'm the co-creator of the worldbuilding community with him. I'd like to keep the guy around if at all possible. It's hard to get anywhere on this platform alone, and he's been struggling to gain traction on this platform even though there's a heckin' ton of story writers on here.

I also mentioned Oblivioncubed in my last post and the mistake on my part that caused confusion to where he didn't win... and now I see @xpilar is coming through, Strong as always. Thank you @xpilar

Hi @lacking
We cannot go beyond the rules in SPUD, but I am presenting prizes to the Worldbuilding Montly Map Melee - competition - over 50 pieces in prizes !, they are on their way, hope the smiles come back again

Totally understand that. My friend used to hate running contests with $20 in prizes because youre oepning yourself up to litigstion depending on the rules of prizes innyour area.

I hate esteem. And im not fixing my mistakes. Thats what esteem gets ya folks lol

(Just kidding, I love esteem, but correct my gorrilla thumb mistakes, yo!)

Thanksgiving to all
Congratulations to all winners

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