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RE: SPUD X - UNOFFICIAL Winner's List & Honorable Mentions - [steem] [blockchain] [community]

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It would be pretty cool if you pimped @oblivioncubed's contest in your official winners list to try to help grow the worldbuilding community. There is over 50 steem in total prizes. He's trying to build his steemit career and I'm sure losing like this has left a sour taste in his mouth.

Full disclosure, I'm the co-creator of the worldbuilding community with him. I'd like to keep the guy around if at all possible. It's hard to get anywhere on this platform alone, and he's been struggling to gain traction on this platform even though there's a heckin' ton of story writers on here.


I also mentioned Oblivioncubed in my last post and the mistake on my part that caused confusion to where he didn't win... and now I see @xpilar is coming through, Strong as always. Thank you @xpilar

Hi @lacking
We cannot go beyond the rules in SPUD, but I am presenting prizes to the Worldbuilding Montly Map Melee - competition - over 50 pieces in prizes !, they are on their way, hope the smiles come back again

Totally understand that. My friend used to hate running contests with $20 in prizes because youre oepning yourself up to litigstion depending on the rules of prizes innyour area.

I hate esteem. And im not fixing my mistakes. Thats what esteem gets ya folks lol

(Just kidding, I love esteem, but correct my gorrilla thumb mistakes, yo!)

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