@sm-duels UPDATE + 1SBI GIVEAWAY + Winners announcements

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Daily automated card giveaway

New update for @sm-duels: when you fnd an opponent, don't forget to enter our daily card giveaway through steemconnect. Just follow the new onscreen instructions!

Winners for: Finally got gold + SM ramblings + Card giveaway
Winners for: Gold claim, gold foil, non-gold giveaway
July 6th .club's player lottery
July 7th .club's player lottery
  • @jmehta was the only duelist to play 3 matches, gets 2 sbi
  • Noone entered our automated card giveaway

To enter the SBI giveaway, tag a SM player.

Invest 5 minutes of your time. Play on https://steemmonsters.club at least three times to join the daily 2x SBI giveaway. Don't forget to join the automated card giveaway!


So many prizes :D .

Tagging @jankos55.

Great to hear that the project is doing fine :)

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I didn't realise there was so many prizes for playing on the site.

Will have to play some more!


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Thank you for all the giveaways @felipejoys 🙏

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Hopefully this keeps growing!

I'll tag my last battle, @tuffstuff

Interesting... What happens if no match (opponent) is found when trying to fight?

You wait only for up to 5 minutes. If an opponent isn't found by then, you have to get in line again.

That's an incredible amount of prizes!

A little give, a little take.

What are you taking? other than my time... and my resource credits.😂
@mumma-monza @viral-violet

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you may be interested @shenan

Thank you for tagging me!

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@blind-spot check this guy out gives away a lot.

Tagging @ravisarikonda.

@felipejoys, How to enter into Automated Card Giveaway?

Have a great time ahead.

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Find an opponent on https://steemmonsters.club, there will be a button to join through steemconnect.

Will look into it. Thank you for letting me know.

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Perfect to earn steem when PLAYING!!
I sadly managed to decline a fight but get Some mucropayment of steem anyway

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Oh! Great update. I've only played once but couldn't get an opponents with other attempts. I have a plan sorted to team with some friends. I'll start dueling today lol

Tagging @burlarj

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Thank you, felipejoys :D

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