Congratulations to the Winner of the Steem Fest ticket sponsored by Blocktrades and Steem Monsters!

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There it was: August 11th, 2019, it was still under HF20... The moment they had all be waiting for... After the initial Placement Tournaments, where blood, sweat and tears were shed to be able to contest today The Time Had Arrived.

Ladies and Gentlemen: the Splintertalks Tournament would start in only 10 minutes! With what at stake? Well: nothing less than a SteemFest ticket + Accommodation for SteemFest 4 in Bangkok!

The Arena

Only ten minutes to go and Steemians were slowly starting to show up. In alphabetical order these were the *brave brave* Steemians who were willing to fight their way towards Bangkok in November: @beeyou, @broxi, @endgegner, @glory7, @goldfashioned, @happymax, @hundemama, @jaki01, @khan.dayyanz, @kobold-djawa, @lava-heron, @lord-of-fire, @louis88, @mellofello, @monstermother, @philippekiene, @pkocjan, @planosdeunacasa, @playtricksonyou, @raynie, @schachoberhessen, @sirtorito, @soyrosa, @szf, @thekillingqueen, @udow.

Would they have the right deck? Would they be able to outsmart their opponents? Did they practice beforehand? Did they maybe buy a few cards so they could win this tournament?

The tension went up a few notches when the clock started counting down: 10 seconds, 9 seoncds... BATTLES begin!

The Rounds

Each round consisted of 3 battles which were heavily thought. The first people already got beaten up pretty quickly... The second round - a bit more intense. The third round... this was getting really exciting!

As more and more people fell in battles that were fought with Silver League Decks, No Legendary Cards and Double Rules (ouch!) a lot of dreams got scattered... As soon as you lost your second battle in a round you knew: no ticket + accommodation for me!

But that's also what made it so much fun: the stakes were high and seeing from the names a few dedicated Steemians that were present at SteemFest3 or that hadn't had the chance to attend a SteemFest before were here to try their luck...

The Final Rounds

The last round was played 'best out of five' - so even more battles were needed before you'd be sure. The Final 8, a very very honourable title if you ask me, were played between @happymax, @beeyou, @goldfashioned, @pkocjan, @lord-of-fire, @endgegner, @planosdeunacasa and @kobold-djawa. In the arena people were watching: who would win and who would go on to the Semi-Finals?

The Semi-Finals were played between @beeyou, @goldfashioned, @pkocjan and @kobold-djawa. Battles took longer and longer, it was clear only the best of the best ended up here!

The Finale

Then the Finale: @beeyou and @goldfashioned. OH MY! In the end they both won two and lost two - it was sooo close for both of them! Round 5: Both tried with Dario Dragonscale but there it was, the final beating: a winner rose up from the blood and tears of past battles! It was @goldfashioned, who must have broken down in tears of winning from a strong player like @beeyou - taking the lovely @blocktrades sponsored price of a SteemFest 4 ticket and Accommodation in Bangkok in both hands.

The Arena cheered - in awe with what they had seen in this very very exciting tournament.

The results

Of course, everyone wanted to win, but having arrived in the Tournament is an accomplishment in itself. Therefore the full results of the Tournament:

1: @goldfashioned2: @beeyou3: @pkocjan
4: @kobold-djawa5: @happymax6: @lord-of-fire
7: @planosdeunacasa8: @endgegner9: @sirtorito
10: @thekillingqueen11: @soyrosa12: @jaki01
13: @louis8814: @playtricksonyou15: @glory7
16: @schachoberhessen17: @udow18: @hundemama
19: @broxi20: @szf21: @khan.dayyanz
22: @raynie23: @lava-heron24: @philippekiene
25: @mellofello26: @monstermother

Congratulations to @goldfashioned and everyone who played!

There is already one contest to win a Steem Fest ticket and it's sponsored by Blocktrades and Actifit, you can check it out here!!
You can also join the Steem Hunt + Blocktrades contes t where you can win two Steem Fest tickets+ accommodation!

I want to thank @soyrosa for providing the inside viewpoint of the tournament for the making of this post. Make sure to give her a follow and check out her posts!


Aww @beeyou, so close!

Congratulations @goldfashioned, enjoy your trip to the east and Steem Fest!

I was on the road that day and surprised my internet connection phased out only once during the tourney. It was way too intensive a tourney to be playing on the phone too, but in the end, the better player won @abh12345. :) Winning would have been quite a predicament (good one, but still predicament with getting time off work, passport, flight, etc).

Very impressive to reach the final on a mobile device with a suspect signal!

Oh well, maybe next year :)

So it means you won't come to SteemFest 4? That's a pity, actually!

No SteemFest for me @jaki01! I was contemplating going if I had won, but fate decided it for me. :) Hope you have fun if you go!

Thanks for hosting @anomadsoul. It was a fun tournament!

Congratulations to @goldfashioned! :)

^ Ditto, thanks again @anomadsoul for putting this awesome tournament on. And thanks @beeyou :) I can't believe you played on your phone! I would have for sure flopped first round if I tried to do that lol

The phone was on the other side of the car after that last battle @goldfashioned ;). j/k, hehe, but I know some great players who only has access to SM with their phone and they do unbelievably well. Sadly, I am not one of them.

You are a fierce opponent and beat us all! Hopefully you can make it to Steemfest. If not, then it's understandable as well. Best of luck!

Daaaaaamn that is an awesome win and a nervewrecking competition it must have been

@goldfashioned see you there!!

Thanks for the post.

~Smartsteem Curation Team

Congrats to the winners and everyone who played.... I hope this contest is run again so I might have a chance to play too.

Wow. Finally you got it. I'm so happy for you. Congrats again. @goldfashioned . Greetings from Kwara . Nigeria♨️

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Wow congratulations to the winners 🥳 Enjoy your prizes you guys deserve it @goldfashioned 🥇

Thanks for the post.

Thank you for hosting an amazing event!

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