Win Two Steemfest Tickets + Accommodation | A Blocktrades + Steemhunt contest!

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If you don´t know what Steem Fest is, check out everything about it in @roelandp´s official announcement here, you can also have a look at the offical web page.

@Steemhunt is arguably one of the most scalable Dapps based on the Steem Blockchain and is definitely one that holds the most potential and future development and we are already seeing it with the development and distribution of the HUNT token - including the HUNT SMT project - and the recent Announcement of the launch of @reviewhunt, including their referral program


This is the reason why @blocktrades and @steemhunt - alongside @reviewhunt - have decided to join efforts to send not one, but TWO lucky Steemians to represent them at Steem Fest with accommodation included and enjoy the greatest Steem Event of the year in Thailand, in early November this year.

This is not a regular Steem Contest. To win one of the Steem Fest Tickets you have to get out of your comfort zone and become a kind of @reviewhunt ambassador!

Anyone and everyone can join this contest, and it's actually very easy to do it, all you have to do is become active on @reviewhunt and also invite other people and potential companies to start using @reviewhunt.

How does the contest work?

You, as a @reviewhunt/@steemhunt ambassador, will focus in bringing people to the platform by inviting people you know in real life, online, your neighbors, small (or big businesses) and whoever you think could be interested in joining @reviewhunt as hunters or makers.

The point is, to bring as many people to the HUNT platforms and in turn, growing the Steem Ecosystem even more!

Every week, the 3 Steemians who refer more people to the Hunt platforms, will be selected to join the final Steem Fest ticket raffle.

Then, after 7 weeks of picking the top 3 Steemians, the raffle will take place and TWO lucky Hunters will have a ticket and accommodation for Steem Fest!

What to keep in mind when you join the contest?

The Contest begins in august 19th and it finishes in October 7th, 2019. This means that you have 7 weeks to bring as many hunters/makers.

Who wins each week?

As I mentioned before, the top 3 persons with the highest referral bonus by referring new hunters and any hunters who earned the referral bonus by referring new makers.

This means that you can either focus in bringing Hunters - people who make reviews and are normal steemhunt/reviewhunt users OR you can focus in bringing in companies who want to be part of reviewhunt as Makers - a maker is the other side of the coin. Makers bring in products or contests to Reviewhunt and Hunters make reviews about them.

No matter which side of the coin you decide to focus on, if you bring more people/companies to the platform, you will get a raffle ticket!

The raffle will take place in October 14th, 2019

Two winners will be randomly chosen among all selected hunters (top 3 hunters from hunters referral + any hunters from makers referral).


You can be selected multiple times during the contest, which will increase your chances to win in the final draw. For example, if you are selected as one of the top 3 hunters from the hunters referral on week 1 and 2, and also selected from your maker referral on week 2, your name will be listed three times in the final draw.

Hunters selected from the makers referral will also get 200 STEEM bonus prize from @steemhunt

What are you waiting for?

Your chance to help Steem reach Mass adoption, win some Steem and votes in the process and getting a raffle ticket for the Steem Fest tickets is here!

Join Reviewhunt and use your referral link to start inviting people! You can find your referral link on the dashboard, on the side menu bar.

For more details about the HUNTER/MAKER referral program and details about Reviewhunt, please read the official @steemhunt announcement

Rules and Guidelines

  1. Any listed users on the Steemhunt Blacklist are not eligible to be selected (if you are blacklisted after your nomination, your nomination will be cancelled).
  2. Only the hunters who have earned a positive referral bonus are eligible to be selected. In other words, your referred accounts (hunters and makers) should actually make valid Reviewhunt activities that will generate your referral bonus. Please check this post to learn how your referral bonus is generated.

This is a contest run in collaboration with @Blocktrades, @steemhunt, and @anomadsoul (part of @ocd-witness). If you like what we are doing, please vote for us as witness.


The value that Steemhunt and now Reviewhunt continually adds to the Steem Blockchain is really, nothing short of incredible! Resteemed.

HUNT platform (Steemhunt, Reviewhunt, and Ideahunt) will lead the STEEM to greatness. Period.

Best wishes for the STEEMfest. :)

Not just/only these dApps will lead the Steem to greatness.
There are many other very good dApps on the Steem blockchain.
For example Busy, dPoll and eSteem.
Especially with the new post promoting and post boosting with eSteem Points (ESTM) features.

Exciting! Thanks so much for your great announcement :)

Steemhunt/Reviewhunt is pretty much the best!

Maybe not the best, but they are definitely very good, and they are amongst the best dApps on the Steem blockchain.

Absolutely brilliant announcement. Resteemimg! Steemhunt was absolutely brilliant, reviewhunt is showing us the real potential and i can't even imagine what ideahunt's impact will be, if successful.

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Good news

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I will be honest.
Even if I would win a SteemFest ticket, I would still be unable to pay the travel costs. And even if I could pay the travel costs, I am not interested in going to SteemFest.
So I am not going to participate in this contest, but if I would, and if I would win a SteemFest ticket, then I would gift it to someone else.
But this contest is good for those, who are interested in going to SteemFest.
Maybe @kalemandra and @mazzle are interested in this contest.

Great cooperation and wish that it will get many new players into Reviewhunt~!

You got a 44.26% upvote from @ocdb courtesy of @anomadsoul! :)

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