Goblin Mech Is Effective in "Weak Magic" Battles

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Goblin Mech is a strong Melee Neutral monster that requires 10 Mana to summon. Its a common monster and has one of the highest costs in the game (by the time of this article.)

Goblin Mech stats by level.

In terms of stats, this monster has a powerful Melee Attack (starts at 4 and goes up to 6 by leveing up) and a good amount of Toughness (5 to 7.) For 10 Mana card it has a low health which makes it a helpless target for Magic monsters, but it has a Piercing ability from level 1 which allows this monster to be a good fit for Armored Up & Up Close Combat combo. It also gets Stun ability from level 6, even though I think the Piercing ability is more useful.

Being a common Reward card, Goblin Mech is currently very cheap to get in both Regular & Gold forms. It's still not out of print yet, and I predict its price will go up considerably when that happens.

Fun fact:
Goblin Mech was the first Gold Foil card I won in Rewards.

While I admit that Goblin Mech is a strong card when you have enough Mana for it, I don't usually use this monster. I use Flesh Golem instead with Earth splinter, because of the Heal ability. For fire splinter, I use Molten Ogre, which combines the Demoralize ability with the lower Mana cost.

That's not to say I don't ever use Goblin Mech!

One of the Rulesets in which Goblin Mech works the best is the "Weak Magic" rule, when Magic attacks stop being this monster's weak point. Today, I used Goblin Mech in such battle.


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Battle Breakdown:

Ruleset: Weak Magic & Lost Legendaries
Battle Id: 5601d97b4b3be57b79f3ff4ec3af1ce69abb5860 (Link)

My daily quest was "Win 5 battles using Fire Splinter." Fire is actually one of the three splinters I rented good cards for and it's my second main Splinter after Water.

But as I said above, in High Mana battles, I usually use *Molten Ogre as my Tank, but since this battle had Weak Magic rule, I decided Goblin Mech was the better choice this time.

I did surprisingly well in this fight. The thoughness stat absorbed a lot of damage, and while my Tank and my Giant Roc both got hit by my opponent's Spineback Turtle's Thorn ability, I finished her off pretty quickly.

One thing I didn't account for was Medusa's Stun ability, which affected my Goblin Mech and I had to play the next turn without that juicy 5 Damage attack! Luckily, my opponent team was already broken by the time this happened. I managed to win without losing any monster.

Overall, this battle turned out way better than I expected!


I don't know if I'll do anything differently next time. If anything, this battle opened my eyes to Goblin Mech's usefulness in Weak Magic rule, so I'll probably do more of the same stuff. Other than Goblin Mech, I used my most powerful cards for Fire Splinter so I don't think I can make a better team than this one next time.

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