My Best Fights in Splinterlands (February 7)

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I played some great battles in Splinterlands, I won some of them and lost others, but they're good either way! I play mostly with Rented Cards.

I reached Gold League with only rented Lv3 Summmoners. Recently, the Reward system changed into a lootbox one, so I'm gonna keep the my rewards in case prices go up!

Im this post series: #bestsptbattles! I'm post my some notable battles I played with . Win/lose doesn't matter as much as the battle being interesting.

This week looked up the prices of STEEM & DEC!

While STEEM the prices kept increasing throughout the week, DEC prices weren't so lucky and in fact decreased quite a bit. I wonder how long STEEMs uptrend will go on.

Maybe a $1 STEEM isn't a dream anymore~


Here We Go:

First time battling "Spirit Shaman!"
[25 Mana] [Standard]
This is the first time I battle someone using Spirit Shaman, it's an interesting monster. I'm glad I defeated his Orc early, it could've done bigger damage.
Goblin Mech destruction before its 1st turn
[28 Mana] [Fog of War]
I find the opponents team more useful in Earthquake ruleset than the ruleset of this battle 'Fog of War.' The opponent's Goblin Mech is a very powerful monster but luckily I finished it with my Magic attacke before it took a turn.
Spineback Turtle: My MVP
[14 Mana] [Little League]
I thought I was gonna lose this battle, but Spineback Turtle managed to defeat the remaining enemy monsters alone while damaged. what a hero!
Winning with Lv1 Death Splinter (Silver II)
[23 Mana] [Reverse Speed]
I was lucky that I put Bone Golem which had the 'void' ability, he reduced most of the opponent's Magic damage at the beginning of the battle. I won using only Lv1 monsters!
Team Stabbed From The Back
[19 Mana] [Healed Out]
I was proud of my team before the battle, but the opponent's monsters with Sneak ability killed my team from behind. (Wish I was faster.)
Outlasting The Earthquake
[25 Mana] [Earthquake] [Up Close & Personal]
When the battle first started I thought I would lose but my monsters ability worked in my favour. Molten Ogre's high health made him outlast the earthquake. His demoralize ability decreased the damage of the opponents sneaky monsters dealt to Cerberus, which self healed each time he was damaged. And Giant Roc has a flight ability. Opponent monsters died quickly because of the earthquake ruleset. Good fight!
Utter Defeat Against A Stronger Magic Team
[33 Mana] [Close Range]
This battle is featured in my Naga Windmaster post. While I had a good team compromised of my strongest Water cards, I was utterly defeated because my opponent was just that strong!
A Sneaky Fight!
[38 Mana] [Super Sneak] [Close Range]
Molten Ogre got killed pretty early, and my back defence, Living Lava almost followed suit. Luckily, my sneaky attackers with the help of super sneak ability killed the opponent's Goblin theif before it dealt the final blow, and I managed to win in the end.
Attacking Helpless Melee Monsters From A Distance
[33 Mana] [Back to Basics] [Broken Arrows]
With Back to Basics, I usually use my Water Splinter (my Water monster can attack from any distance.) Water wasn't allowed this time so I decided to try Earth. Opponent had good monsters but without the Sneak ability, most of his team couldn't attack until they were in the front. If this wasn't a Back to Basics battle, I would've lost.

So, What do you think?

The format of the last #bestsptbattles was will liked so I decided to keep it. I feature less battles per post because the more battles I write about the more effort I have to exercise and I'd like to maintain my quality!

I hope you enjoyed this,
Tell me in comments if there's anything you want to improve.


I am glad I read this post, I should study in detail and you explain very well. Thanks for sharing so much information.

Glad I helped, but these comments are not advices to play better. I'm still learning here.


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