Naga Windmaster & My Utter Defeat

Naga Windmaster is a strong Ranged Water monster that requires 10 Mana to summon. Its a Rare monster card of the Reward series and it is currently valued at $0.045 at level 1.

This is my entry to Share Your Battle Challenge by @splinterlands

Naga Windmaster stats by level.

Naga Windmaster has average stats on the weaker side, but for a 4 Mana monster it has the amazing ability "Headwinds," which reduces the Ranged attack of all enemy Monsters.

Other than his speed, the stats of Naga Windmaster doesn't improve much by level. His health only goes from 3 to 4 in level 6 & his attack only goes up once in level 3. Naga Windmaster makes up for this tiny increase of stats by gaining Shatter ability (destroys opponents armor) at level 5 and at the max level it gains the Poison ability (those affected with it are damaged at the start of each turn.)

I'm not a high-level player so I don't know for sure. But since the Poison can only be gained at the max level, I don't think Naga Windmaster will be appealing to use for that ability since its stat at max level are low.

I didn't use Naga Windmaster often. I usually only use Water splinter when I build a team of Magic attackers, but I might use it for low Mana battles.

Some Rulesets in which Naga Windmaster shines are Little League, especially at the lower levels. Close Range, because players tend to put more Ranged monsters in this rule. I also assume that it'll be perfect for Lost Magic, because there aren't many options for attacking from distance other than Ranged monsters in this rule.


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Battle Breakdown:

Ruleset: Close Range
Battle Id: f32e6219918d4250f5b2c9cc3a755172b9e42d28 (Link)

Since the rule was Close Range I assumed that my opponent will use Ranged attackers so I put my Naga Windmaster on the team. I took care to put him at the back, but not the last place in case the opponent had monsters with the Sneak ability.

I put Spineback Turtle as my tank to make use of its Thorns ability when a melee monster attacks it. I also put my strongest Magic attackers: Ruler of the Seas, Sea Genie & Mischievious Mermaid. Finally I put Water Elemental at the back, I didn't want all my attacks to be Magic ones (even though I knew I won't stand a chance against a Magic Reflect team.)

But I was doomed to lose from the start. The opponent had a tank with Magic Reflect ablility and two monsters with Swiftined ablilty and that increased the speed of all their monsters by two. Their Ruler of the Seas was a level higher than my own and had a stronger attack.

My Naga Windmaster's Highwinds ability managed to reduce the attack of my opponent's two Ranged monsters, but it was for naught as my team was easily destroyed by the Magic attacks of the opponent's Spirit Miner, Ruler of the Seas, and my own attacks reflected on me.

I was utterly defeated!


I don't know if I could've done anything differently. I used my strongest monsters and I don't have strong Water monsters that are not Magic attackers (other than Naga Windmaster & Water Elemental and both are already in this team.) Changing the order of the monsters won't help either.

Maybe I could change my tank to Prismatic Energy.

If I was going to do something different knowing that I'll fight the same opponent, I'll choose another splinter (preferably the Fire one.) But that's outside the scope of this post.

Other Battles Involving Naga Windmaster:

Ruler of the Seas Blasts The Enemies

In this battle, I fought Goblin Mech, but my Ruler of the Seas Killed it before it destroyed my tank. The battle was a breeze after that.

Defeating The Goblin Mech/Wood Nymph Combo!

Since I had 36 Mana, I went all out with my Water team. The opponent had a Goblim Mech that is constantly healed with Wood Nymph, the team composition is good too, but they didn't stand a chance against my team!

I decided to not choose these battles to feature, because Naga Windmaster ability didn't affect the flow of them.

If you enjoyed this article, you might enjoy my #bestsptbattles posts. You can check my January compilation here. For more about Splinterlands follow me @ahmadmangazap. Follow my main account: @ahmadmanga for general gaming content.

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Nice write up about windmaster.


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Oooooh! Nice post!
And I'm pretty sure there was nothing you could have done (with that splinter) and won. Dude had you on levels, but your lineup was sound. Sometimes ya just die. 🤣
Thanks for sharing this! And the extra battles!
I've been quite interested in the Windmaster as of late and wanted to see some other folks use it.


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