Winners Announcement of the "Sports Writing Contest" #1

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Hello everyone, @ejemai here with winners announcement for the First edition of the's "Sports Writing Contest". image.png
In all we had a total of 18 entries (1 disqualified for not writing through the platform) and we had to pick 8 entries and below are the winners.


First place winner: @Nachomolina- Announcing the Sports Writing Contest - By @nachomolina
Third place winner: @Prasasth- SprtsHub :A PLATFORM BUILT JUST FOR SPORTS ENTHUSIASTS
Fourth place winner: @Davonicera- : The Future of Sports on the Steem Blockchain
Fifth place winner: @Greenewalks- MY SPRTSHUB CONTEST ENTRY: How Financial Freedom for users of is going to positively affect the Steem Blockchain
Seventh place winner: @Osigbhemeh- My Entry For The Sports Writing Contest.
Eight place winner: @Resuscitate- How Sprtshub Will Bring New Users To Steemit


All prizes in Sbd and Sprtscoin have been paid to the winners accounts. All the winners, please drop your Byteball wallet address in the comment section below.

Selection criteria.

The winners were randomly selected by @Ejemai, @Curtwriter, @Sussan, @Winarobert and @i0x based on their delivery of the articles and composition of the subject. We all selected the best 8 and I had to do a final compilation and here you have the winners.

The idea behind the contest.

We at decided that it was time we brought the fun in sporting to the Steem Blockchain in terms of Membership, Engagements and investments.
We believe that there is so much we can achieve through the platform, because is a unifying public and social recreation entertainment that sees no color or race.

Congratulations to the winners and everyone that participated. Stay tuned for "Sports Writing Contest" #2.

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Sprtshub is helping to bring the sports world to the Steem Blockchain by using "Proof of Play" to impact the Sporting world.


Congratulations to all the worthy winners and a big thank you to the organizers of this contest. I came out as the 7th person and here's my byteball wallet address: J4X6YWPM3YGB755JIYHTIRZMYC2PIUMN

Byteball sent.

Wow..congratulations to all the winners and a big thank you to the organisers and sponsors.

I've received my 5th place prize and this is my byteball wallet address.


Bring on the next contest, it can only get better


Congrats to the winners anyway.

Thanks @sprtshub it's nice participating in your contest.

A big thanks to @ejemai, @sussan @winarobert and @i0x for choosing my article as one of the winners. And a big shout out to all other jury members and fellow competitors who made this competition such a big success.
Here is my byteball address

Byteball sent.

Congrats guys, all the articles were wonderful. Thanks @ejemai you've done well.

My byteball address QP6PPIJMSRSZNJR73M25S346MIU6EGR4

Byteball sent.

A big thanks to @ejemai, @sprtshub and all the organizers of this contest for the opportunity to participate and for choosing me among one of the winners. I'm grateful.

Here is my byteball wallet address :


Byteball sent.

Wow, good job.

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