Announcing the "Sports Writing Contest": 30SBD, 500Sprtscoin and 5million Byteball prize pool.

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Hello Everyone!

This is calling on all Writers, Sports lovers and everyone, yes, every single person on the Steemit platform to participate in this maiden edition of the Sports Writing Contest. is holding a first of its kind writing contest designed to bring some needed awareness to the Steem Blockchain through sports.


  • 30SBD, 500 Sprtscoin and 5million Byteball.

BRIEF OVERVIEW is a platform built on the steem blockchain with the vision of bringing all sports lovers and writers under one single umbrella. Whatever sports you are comfortable in writing about, be it Skiing, Water Polo, Rugby, Horse Racing, Swimming, Football, Golf, Tennis, Dog Racing, Basketball, Health and Fitness, etc, is there for you.
You can write just about any sports news articles, or about the sport, how to play it, how to stay fit etc and all these will be accepted –as far as they are not plagiarized.


To participate and share from the prize pool, users are encouraged to read the instructions and do the needful.

  1. Write an article about "How is going to positively affect the Steem Blockchain" in terms of any one of the following;
    a. New Users SignUp
    b. Quality Articles
    c. Investors
    d. Financial Freedom for users of


Since this contest is about promoting the Steem Blockchain through sports sharing, the quality of the articles submitted will be used to judge the winners. So do well to read the the rules carefully and follow them.

  1. Post your entry from the platform.
  2. Resteem this post
  3. Your article should be written on your blog (via and a link to it made in the comments as a reply to this post.
  4. Your article should be no less than 250 words and no longer than 1,500 words. You can add photos where relevant.
  5. Share links to this post and Invite your friends to join.
  6. Upvote this post (not very necessary).
  7. Add the words “” without the quotes at the very end of your article.
  8. Use the following tags, #sports, #stach, #steem.
    Entry submission for this contest closes on August 1st 2018.

Important information about the contest.

All entries must be posted from the Platform to be eligible and this post MUST be Resteemed for wider audience.

Disclaimer: The organizers of this contest will not be responsible for any entry for this contest posted outside the platform.


1st Prize – 10 SBD, 150sprtscoin & 1.2million Byteball.
2nd Prize – 7 SBD, 100Sprtscoin & 1million Byteball.
3rd Prize – 5 SBD, 50Sprtscoin, & 800K Byteball.
4th to 8th place winners – 2 SBD, 20sprtscoin, 500k Byteball each.
Consolations prizes for everyone who participates.
You can also join us on Discord to follow the conversation and also participate in more giveaways.

Join us on Discord

Sprtshub is helping to bring the sports world to the Steem Blockchain by using "Proof of Brain" to impact the Sporting world.


Love this contest
Am going to put all my stuff in it
For the lovers of sports

Do we have to write about all the topics or just 1

Pick one and write.

Waoh, am so into this, coming soon with my entry.

How much time it take to approve a post.

Hi,on posting my post i get this problem pls rectify it

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Why does it take very long before a post get approved on the platform. I've created my post close to 5hrs ago and it's yet to be approved so it can appear on the steemit platform

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Can the sport write up also be in form of poetry?, And does that mean we are to write about a particular sport and how is going to positively Affect the steem block chain

Hi, see below.

How to participate.

Write an article about "How is going to positively affect the Steem Blockchain" in terms of any one of the following;
a. New Users SignUp
b. Quality Articles
c. Investors
d. Financial Freedom for users of

My submission is pending approval...

Is the topic on sports or what

Do i need to sign up again in the sprtshub platform or my steemit account can be easily linked yo it?

Sign up with your Steemit username and your Private Posting Key and it will be linked.

There's no sign up page in the sprtshub platform. I've checked all the site's navigation, i can't find the signup page

There is a sign-up page on the site as can be seen in the screen shot below. IMG_20180729_031344_401.jpg

I forgot I turned off image visibility in my browser. Thanks for responding. I've created my post for the contest and I'm waiting for approval.

I just want to ask this question. I saw a betting link on the platform. Will users be able to bet on teams by using steem or sbd and win steem or sbd? If that's part of the project, then it's a very laudable one.

Yes, the betting platform will allow for Crypto and fiat deposits.

My post is yet to be approved. Please the moderators should help me out. Today is deadline

I'm interested!!!

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