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RE: Donna d'amare: A Spread-the-Love Contest entry

Thank you for your entry in my contest @ravijojla!
What a great choice! This will be hard for me to judge...(I might ask for some help). I checked and saw that this was her second introduction post, but I will count it anyway as the first one was months ago and the same but in Spanish.
Good luck!


Seriously...she made me fall in love with her! Hahahahaha

I'm definitely going to have to follow up his Alix now... Thanks for the gorgeous introduction @ravijojla!!!!

I think Alix will be quite the addition to our platform... Must go meet her now ♥️

More than everything, I rely on your support for her, @dreemsteem. You have figured out already why I do feel like this. :-)
Intelligent people who have herats to share always touch my heart deeply!

Go meet her and then check out all the other contest entries and contestants if you haven't yet (although my gut feeling says you know quite a few of them). They're all awesome and it shows what kind of great future this platform has.

Oh, @misslasvegas! thank you for your grand understanding. I really wish her and me luck and believe that she deserves greater exposure for the person she is and the content she is able to produce.
By all means, thank you for the lovely contest. It makes me feel so Christmassy already!

And then to think I am quite un-Christmassy LOL. 😬 I mean: I love the day(s) in itself, but the weeks leading up to it just give me a lot of stress each year. Every year I tell myself that next year we're going away, and every year we don't 🤣.

I know what you mean! There is a master key I found to it, unlickily it's not working only for the familly doing else but cooking and eating lol. Hopefully, we both have a very different festive season this time!

May the next year be NOW!

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