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Huaao Star News On May 6, the Chinese Badminton Association launched a reform move: a comprehensive trial of the national badminton level assessment standards.

At the press conference held in Beijing on the 6th, Zhang Jun, chairman of the Chinese Badminton Association, said that the badminton sports level rating is a national evaluation system for badminton sports grading, which is used to improve the passage between amateurs and professional players. The reserve of talents has further promoted the popularization and sustainable development of badminton. It is also an important basis for the follow-up work of the Chinese Badminton Association to provide targeted services to badminton enthusiasts.

It is reported that the Chinese Badminton Association started the work related to the badminton sports level assessment in April last year, and invites more than 30 professionals such as badminton world champions, university professors, professional coaches and managers, and international referees. Rigorous, meticulous and pragmatic attitude, work together to make research and development of standards and standards. In the meantime, tens of thousands of people conducted sample surveys throughout the country, soliciting opinions and suggestions from the whole society, and finally finalizing the methods and standards for issuing grades, and starting trials for one year from April 1 this year.

According to Wang Wei, secretary general of the Chinese Badminton Association, compared with the technical level system of athletes that only professional athletes can achieve in the past, the national badminton level assessment system that began to be tested is aimed at ordinary enthusiasts. Among them, the level is extended from the third-level athlete to the ninth-level athlete, and at the same time, in order to encourage the participation of children and adolescents, seven children's grades are specially set up. The establishment of this hierarchical system, from encouraging the public to participate in amateur training, participating in competitive sports, adjusting to encourage the public to participate in badminton in a scientific and healthy manner, and promote the coordinated development of mass sports and competitive sports, thus enriching the connotation of the rank.

In the trial badminton sports level rating system, the third-level athletes and above implement the athletes' hierarchy system standards promulgated by the State Sports General Administration; the fourth-grade to sixth-level athletes can participate in various mass badminton competitions sponsored by the feather associations at all levels. Obtained; 6th to 9th grade athletes and 7 children's grades are obtained by participating in the test of skill subjects. Each grade includes 4 skill tests, 6 to 9 grades are 3 badminton special techniques, and 1 badminton special. Footwork; the children's level adds a fun ball feel test, such as using a racket to smash the ball, using a racket to stop the ball.

In order to better promote the development of the grade standard assessment work, the China Badminton Association finally determined the Qingdao Renzhou Group as the official cooperation institution for the Badminton Sports Level Rating by the China Badminton Association through public collection and comprehensive review. At the same time, the Chinese Badminton Association publicly collected the first batch of pilot organizations for grade testing in April this year. From the comprehensive evaluation of institutional credit, professional qualifications, venue facilities, etc., 12 outstanding institutions were selected. At the press conference, the Chinese Badminton Association and Qingdao Renzhou Group formally signed a contract and awarded the first batch of 12 pilot institutions.

Zhang Jun said that the trial level of badminton sports is only the first step of the Chinese Badminton Association. During the trial, the Chinese Badminton Association will continue to improve and enrich the work, and strive to attract more people and strengths to participate. . (Finish)

(Editor: Zhang Tianlong)
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