HOW SPORTS WHALES COULD HELP STRIVING MINNOWS? | Which will lead to more quality content creators

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“We want a market economy, but a rich family does not leave people behind,” Warren Buffett

Maybe its a wishful thinking that some one rich like Bill Gates could help us improve our social status by giving us money or unlimited supply of microsoft products for free that we can sell for a living. These things actually doesn't help a certain man or minnows in a society became rich or simply being successful in life but rather than making them think like beggars in mental state. I don't know if you are getting what I am trying to explain here but please continue reading ;)

In this platform we could help a lot of striving minnows through various methods and I am going to present some in this article. By striving I mean those users here on sportstalk that are just starting with a little sports stake in their account but have amazing and quality contents or articles.

Sportstalk Basketball PB.png

Please don't bully me guys because these are just my personal opinions on how we can help maintain a more quality content community and also preserve the quality content creators.

- 1. Whales should manually curate undervalued post?

If every single whale here on sports especially those guys with more than 1M Sports Staked could drain a little bit of their voting power to those undervalued articles then maybe it could make them more motivated and could potentially make them reach their full potential as we know motivated people sometimes make great things or breakthroughs.

-2. Help minnows' articles to be more visible?

There are actually two ways to make this thing happen, first is by resteeming their posts and the other one is make their articles into trending. Resteeming is simply sharing their posts on your page, because usually whales have more followers than mosts right? In sports talk top payed promoted articles are on the trending tab so if whales are generous enough then they can promote those quality articles by burning some of their liquid sports although this is not too much of a realistic option.

-3. Whales should host or held contests once a week?

What better way to find quality contents much efficient is by hosting writing contests here. Although hosting contests like this is hard because you need a circle of friends who can judge the submissions for free, although you can also pay the judges by simply giving them free upvotes lets say for a whole week? It depends on your deal but having a circle of friends makes it more easier because you are genuinely trying to help the community rather than expecting something in return.

-4. As a whale be an EXAMPLE?

Being a good example in here will help some users prevents from being abusers? Why is that because there are some who create multiple dummy accounts and create short articles and self upvoting while some are upvoting their own comments to make them earn more sports but in the end this kind of strategy will implant negative thoughts on striving minnows.

-5. I am out of IDEAS please drop down your thoughts on the comment section. 😂😂😂



My good idea would be if people could write some good stuff for the whales to curate instead of using 3 lines sentence posts with a link. I don't curate dlike posts or actifit unless there is a good story there. By the way I am surprised you do not have over a million tokens by now as you were fairly active from the beginning. Did you not stake??

And also I dont always get large upvote like this maybe once a week sometimes once every 2 weeks so thats it, thats why I envy whales who got large upvote on a daily basis but yeah i mean to continue posting, but I am planning to invest when I have money to buy more sports

there ya go :)
do your thing, is your stake, your trip

sports talk onnnnn

I only post sir, sometimes there are weeks that I am not active

I actually sell some to pay my bills but mostly I always stake I would be almost 700k sports if I stake all of my sports

Actually It would be closer to 800k and this is only in author rewards. Plus I am not counting curation which would bring you to well over 1 million and maybe even over the 1.5 million sports. Those 95000 on the market @ 0.00135 would have you well on your merry way to whaledom. But you can do whatever you wish with your tokens. That is not my care. I doesn't matter to me. However you post about what whales should be doing on the platform supporting others. I do not mean any disrespect. Bills are important. But you can be a whale in here if you would like. It is not that hard.
But let's just say, what if I support you and you go sell your tokens for steem or whatever and take the funds out of your account because you have bills to pay. I am not really supporting the platform or community now am I? Maybe it's the minnows that need to do more to help the platform grow instead of selling out. The more you have staked means the higher your upvote. It is the whales that are proven to have staked and publish good content. The minnows are selling out. They need to be doing more. And if they do they will have my 100% upvote.

Anyway I support you because you are concern about the community and you always post quality articles which is great, but please understand what I am saying, I don't regularly sell I think for my 3 months here I only sell twice or thrice If I am correct but most of the times I convert other tokens into sports and also bought some, i don't sell everyday and if you could check my wallet I almost back down on selling it because i don't really want to sell its just an emergency anyway you don't know me personally so everything I will say means nothing and anyone is entitled to their own belief but If I regularly selling sports then that would make me an abuser of this community. Hope you don't bully me by just explaining my side, ill stay anonymous if I want to abuse it but I am not. You can also check my other social media accounts to verify my identity.

@julstamban . I am merely pointing out that the minnows need to help themselves also. You could easily be a whale and so could many others by authoring and curating as you have been here from the start. I do not intend to bully anyone and aI have no interest on checking any identities. 😂😂If you know me you would know that by now. I sell a little myself to boost my sports account vote with steem power and in turn my steem upvote will give other accounts boosting. Those points you put up are important for whales but theybare equally if not more importsnt for those thriving minnows

what i am pointing out also is that you always insists on that I got almost 1.5 million sports how i wish i have 1.5 m sports i would be grateful if i reach to that point hahaha thanks for the comment tho

i also commend you because you are one of the whales who curate articles i have no problems with that sir. Thank you hope we clear things out here

Yeah I agree with you but its not like I am always selling right? I am usually staking it is just an emergency sell for me tho

for some reason I am only getting half of my posts and theres no curation rewards I think I am not the only one experiencing it so if you are telling me that I should have 1.5 million sports by now you are absolutely wrong.

The rewards for a post are 50 per cent author reward and 50 per cent curation. You have earned around 1.6 million in author so far.50 per cent of that is 800k . I do not know what you have made from curation. I presume from your post that you are supporting the thriving minnows with your own stake right , which in turn will give you some of that 50% curation for their posts. That would add to your returns also. Now that is only if you have been upvoting other peoples content. And that is how you could have well over 1.5mil by now.

This is not true at all ask all other users here, I also ask them if they are receiving curation rewards and they said they hope so haha so thats it

Well they are not curating properly then. The reward pool gives 50% for curating per post . If you are curating that is a massive pool for youbso it could well easily be 1.5 million for you. Most of my rewards come from curatong and not author rewards by the way.

I started off with o sports power and slowly building my way up so if you compute it i have almost to none curation rewards if there is really a curation rewards and most of us doesn't believe that there is a curation rewards so thats it but even so I still upvote posts that I like

and please please please i dont get 1.5 mil sports dont create narratives just saying

why are you even insisting i get 1.5 million sports when I have friends who started 1 month earlier before I do doesnt even have 800k of sports and he is way more active than I am, anyway lets just support this community, i also agree to one of your points that minnows should do more for the community as well. That is why i clearly pointed out to only support quality contents on my articles right?

Hi @julstamban,

I see your images are linked to URLs that really make no sense. The urls don't identify the author of the images and/or the licence holder.

You seem to be under the misconception that simply providing a source of the image, relieves your from legal liability for copyright infringement. That is not so.

Unless the image is in public domain, or you have the express permission of the author of the image to use it (either in writing or through websites like, or the use of the image is permitted under the "fair use" principle, you have to assume that you don't have permission to use any of the images that you see on the internet.

Thanks this time I'll use pixabay images which are totally free to use

All Points are Pretty Awesome.. I Think RealTime Contest can Help aLot..

Great points here. I truly agree with all of your points.

I hope the community steps up. I believe content quality is always the secret spice for a better career in Sportstalk.

Very thoughtful post to read, am resteeming and think that initiatives like the Sports Curation discord is hopefully helping some grow more. If you'd ever want to collaborate on some of this am more than happy to help and also it goes both ways, people have to get that some of us keep needing support on posts to keep our own motivation up.

Even a simple comment left that you read or thankyou or manners goes far, you can't please everyone but even within tribes you can find others who are aligned with your own "trip".

Yeah I think we have our own trips in life but I want to stick with people like you who want to help others :D

A timely plea @julstamban.

Let's see how many of the whales respond to your plea.

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Great this is very good content and perfect post and awosome and good best of luck.

Great this is very good content and perfect post I am planning to invest more when I have money to buy more sports