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RE: Sportstalk Curation is Tough! Reverting back To Trending Tab To Find Good Content . A post for SportAid. An Opinion Piece.

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I think part of the problem is that when some people craft a well-written, thoughtful post, it fails to get the support it deserves.

Take a post I wrote on Steemit last year. This was one where I poured myself into writing about a friend who I later found out was a psychopath. It was long and (I thought) captured the essence of how he treated people. I wrote a snapshot of a truly evil mind at work. It trended, right? Wrong! In fact, I had to pay to promote it hoping it would be seen...

As a busy working student, I don't have the luxury of time to write those kinds of posts everyday. I'm lucky to get a couple of posts out in a week, so I do understand why some people have cut back on writing epic posts no one will see. If it were not for the curation trails I vote for, my content would have no support at all.

So I "get" the quick Actfit reports and since I'm slowly building up my SPORTS token stash, I too, was looking for good content to vote on and found your post. We all need to support good content creators in order for these communities to thrive. Keep voting! :)



True . The problem on steemit is that great posts dont get rewarded properly. I would like to read your post you mentioned . As i said in my piece , there is a place for actifit posts here. Its a great project they have over there and your example proves it . Thanks for the detailed comment

I spent a couple of weeks on that post interviewing people, rebuilding events and polishing it up for Steemit. I remember thinking If this post isn't worthy of an upvote, I don't know what is. It sank and I had to rescue it with bidbots. I don't even want to look at it because I put so much into it, here's the link:

Are You Dating A Psychopath? - Narcissists and the Women who Love Them

And one more for the road. In this one, you even see me complain in the comments that almost no one responded after 18 hours. However, someone from a trail finally saw it and added me:

A REAL Man Never Hits A Woman - Do You Agree?

So, the short posts? I get them.

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