Heroes are remembered forever but legends never die - Enjoy your retirement Usain Bolt

in sports •  11 months ago

Usain Bolt is just one of those individuals, in the world. Even some people who doesn't follow sport, will know about Usain Bolt. This says a lot about the impact that he had in the sporting industry.

I watched this video online and thought I will share it with the community.

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From all of us here @sportspodium, all the best for the future and we are sure things in your life will change at Bolt Speed :)

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Bolt is legendary to me because he never ever watered down who he really is. True, the world respects him for the accomplishments. Jamaica looooves him because he remained a yardie in a spotlight :)


Great comment, thanks @rootss

🏃Usain Bolt is one of the living example to showcase the capability of human body. Undoubtedly he is one of the finest athlete of all time. Wish him a happy retirement life.


Totally agree. He is just in a different league :) Thanks for the comment @vj1309

I have never cared about athletism, not even consider to care...But this guy was a beast, made for being the best of all times at what he does. Every time I had the chance I used to watch the Usain Bolt's show breaking records and winning gold medals almost like a routine.

A true winner, I will always respect him for that and I will always remember him like a speed legend.

Thank you for sharing @sportsdium :)


This is exactly what I mean, non-sport lovers also know about Usain Bolt. Thanks for a great comment @arturomdg

Oh he will be remembered alright.


Lol, that was funny, and as usual the great man handled it well :)

Following, and joined your site's mailing list.


Thank you very much @ibringawareness. We also have a telegram group where we can have discussions https://t.me/SportsPodiumPublic

Pity his career had to end this way however in his prime he was absolutely fantastic. Farewell Usain!!!

Such an effortless champion, yet so humble! ⚡️


This is very true :) Thanks for a great comment @englishgentleman

And no one ever recognizes the unsung heroes hey


Thanks for the comment @inferno4201

DAAAAAMMMNNNN dat boi fast!!!!!!!


DDDAAAANNNGGG you are 100% correct :)

Legends never die! Have a good life Bolt!


Indeed ! Thanks for the comment.

i agree with your tittle ...
great post keep it up :) :)
upvoted you for this post...!


I like your posts

I like your posts

Many thanks for sharing this article!


It is a pleasure. we love Sport :)

yes,he is a legend,and so sad that he fall in last round.

Must underrated athlete of all time!


Thanks for a great comment

its quite said for Bolt 's last competition ..He is our legend


He remains a legend. He is getting to the older side now :)

Now who will take the throne?
Gatlin, Powell, Blake?

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I love Usain Bolt, my all time favorite. I wrote a post on him as well. Salute to this great sportsman making history.