Exciting chance for Steemians to get first dibs on PODS

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As a user of Steemit, you have a limited chance to buy PODS for three days before the Token Sale (ICO) of SportsPodium Starts. We will give a massive discount on the value of these tokens to the Steem community, but we will limit the tokens available to $500 000 of value in Steem. This we do to be fair to the broader crypto community.

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As the SportsPodium project team, we decided to start our information sharing around the project on the Steemit platform. It is a community that our founders have been involved in since the early days after Steemit’ s launch and where we have many trusted relationships. From that perspective we decided to use Steemit as the platform we will announce ALL our news, progress and events FIRST, and we will keep on doing this leading up to the token sale, during the token sale and right through the project lifetime. Also please subscribe to our telegram group as we will be chatting a lot in the https://t.me/SportsPodiumPublic chatroom.

Besides using Steemit as a platform to inform, update and discuss our project, we intend to work with Steemit to build our blogging side of SportsPodium into Steemit. Steemit is a great blogging platform and we believe that this will give incredible value to both Steemit and SportsPodium. The mechanics and options around this is not clear right now, and we will only start working on that after our Token sale is complete.

Please note our intention to offer you as a Steem currency holder the chance to buy PODS with your Steem and Steem Dollars. We will announce more details on Monday. Remember, the whitepaper is available on our website and on Github. While this is a draft document that we will refine, it contains the key information that should enable you to decide if you want to own a few PODS.

The SportsPodium Team

Our Website https://sportspodium.io/
Telegram https://t.me/SportsPodiumPublic
GitHub https://github.com/SportsPodium/Documentation
Twitter https://twitter.com/@mysportspodium

Please share this post far and wide and follow us @sportspodium for more information.

If you missed our earlier blog posts, please see the links below:

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hmm interesting. so many ICOs its hard to keep up but i'll take a look


Glad to hear. Yes there are many. Getting the good from the bad is difficult these days. Talk to us on our GitHub if you need more information

Thanks for sharing!


You are welcome

Seems interesting. Will check back again on Monday


Excellent. We will have more information through the day.

Great project @sportspodium :) Looks really promising. I want to participate in ICO for sure! Thanks for your post :) Upvoted!

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I will be really grateful :)


Interesting post you wrote. Thanks for sharing.

Is it Monday yet? This sounds like a great idea. Love the website, very professional! I like the idea of having local sports. I think this market is under covered and it is where people in smaller markets could contribute a LOT to the data!


Hi. You got it absolutely right.

Well , this is just great . Keep it coming .


@abo-salah thank you very much


My pleasure .

Great post




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Haven't been able to make enough on Steemit to buy anything yet but I'll sure follow the POD for prices and growth analysis. Good luck on the market.


Thank you very much.

The sports related niche tends to usually have a good community around it and does well.


I agree, and a passionate following.

I like the concept. I like your readiness to communicate. I LOVE your branding. Will investigate more..

A very interesting post and could be interested in my heart when I saw it greetings from.@abupasi.alachy

#can we share steemit blogger on facebook ?

#Upvoted and #Resteemed
your post


Thanks. yes. and twitter and linkedIN

I am amazed after reading your post is so amazing. Thanks for sharing a good post!


Thank you very much.

Will have a look. Thanks


Great, thanks

Salam kenal kawan, saya pengguna steemit di Aceh Indonesia

Enlightenment highly anticipated by steem users, thanks @sportspodium for the post, may be useful for all users of steemit in the world.

Steemit advanced and became number one in the World

I am Steemit novice from Indonesia. I am still confused how to set some text on the post. I hope there are people who can help and guide me. thanks.
# Greetings from the son of aceh @munamaqfirah

Thanks for your reply and welcome.

Thanks for you information!
please follow me back if you can :)


It is a pleasure. Thanks for the comment 👍🏻

Cool stuff!

I also post quality content.
My blog just started so your suggestions will be very helpful.


Thanks and have a wonderful day. 😉


Thanks and good luck with the posting.

Excellent post :)

Many thanks for sharing, upvoted!

is it releasing in 1days ? Because, I didn't see anywhere on the site where you could buy them


No, this is an advance warning. We will give all the details today.

Never mind haha, just realized it started Sept 1 ;)


:) ... we will do a pre sale in Steem just for the Steem community starting a few days before the main sale.

I do not know the project but anyone who is going to invest has to investigate very well first.


As you should whenever you invest. Thanks for your comment

Very good matetial 👍👍
I support you 👉 Continue


Thank you very much

Excited for this opportunity... I wish you all the best of luck! Keep us posted. (:

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