Am I too old to start kiteboarding?

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The short answer is “No you are not too old”

The oldest person we have taught here at Blown Kiteboarding was 72 years old and in excellent health. He was not a typical 72 year old. He was a very active older man who ran triathlons at that age. He took 2 lessons and had no experience at all. By the end of the second lesson he was ready to ride on his own.

Only taking 2 lessons!! This is well below average for all ages. Most people require between 3-6 lessons.

The most limiting factor health-wise is not as simple as age. It is more a factor of over-all health. One of the biggest issues would be if you have any spinal injuries or have had any spinal / back surgeries.

With the older adult we do pay special attention to establishing good kite control and wind awareness. While it is true that we do teach everyone all the elements of safety before releasing them on their own. We do get 200% more attention span from the older adult, likely because they know that they will not be “bouncing back” if they have poor judgement in a preventable scenario.

Recently The Women’s Kiteboarding Collective released a new video called project 65+ which celebrates older women in the sport of kiteboarding. These women are breaking stereotypes about both women and aging. The idea of the video is to educate and inspire women of all ages. We are powerful beyond measure. Check it out! I don’t know how to post videos but this link will take you to the video.

So, if you are an older adult concerned about whether you are able to learn kiteboarding feel free to message me with any questions you may have.

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You're never too old to do anything @ourdailyboard..

You are never too old for anything in life, everything has its perfect time and moment. Congratulations

You are just old enough....

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