Liverpool To Face Porto In The Quarter-Finals | 2018-19 Champions League

in sports •  2 months ago

So hell yeah for the Liverpool squad who did their best to prove that they are still deserving to put themselves in the near finals of the Champions League.



There are 4 English Premier League teams are in the quarter-finals and it's a coincident that seeing them facing other teams in Europe than facing themselves. I thought of seeing this 4 teams in the Semi-Finals like this kind of thing...

Liverpool F.C. vs Manchester United


Totenham Hotspur vs Manchester City

What do you all think guys? LOL!

Anyways, I would rather cheer up my team and don't care about who would be their opponent if they advance in the Semi-Finals. What I am thinking about right now is that wanting them to win the Premier League title this season to have a new original jersey with Van Dijk's name at the back of it! :D

So, see you guys next time! :D

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