POLL: Do People Hate Bryce Harper?

in sports •  17 days ago

With all of the media attention (and constant fan criticism) surrounding star baseball player, Bryce Harper, I recently decided to run a vote to see just exactly what fellow baseball fans thought of Major League Baseball's $330 million dollar man. Between the many hair flips, questioned character, and questioned talent, the results to me were surprising.

The Poll

  • WHO: For this poll, a sizeable 138 die-hard fantasy baseball fans were the total of number of voters who weighed in on what they thought of Bryce Harper.
  • WHEN: A week prior to signing with the Phillies
  • WHAT: The voting options consisted of 3 main options for opinions ("hate", "don't hate", "neutral").
  • For each of these 3 main options, I also provided 5 sub-options along with them ("not good", "good", "very good", "amazing", and "one of the best on the planet").

For example, an individual could vote, "yes"(I hate him), but "he's good" or "no"(I don't hate him) and "he's amazing".

  • Lastly, I provided two more poll options that would portray true love or hate for Bryce Harper. These options were:

This brought us to 17 total poll options. Scroll down past the photo to see the full results for yourself.

  • Of the 17 polling options, a whopping 81 of the 138 participants, or 58.7%, voted him as being okay/fine as a person, BUT a good ballplayer.
  • 17.4% said they did not hate him AND he was an amazing ballplayer.

Therefore, 76.1% of the 138 polled baseball fans either DO NOT hate Bryce Harper OR are neutral, while both parties also agree, at the very least, that he is "good".

  • Additionally, 18.1% said that they DO hate Harper, however 14 of those 25 people (56%) also stated that he is either still "good" or "very good" in spite of their dislike.

  • All in all, only 11 of the 138 (8%) polled fans both hate Harper AND think he's either not good OR just simply terrible.

So, there you have it, folks. Baseball's next highest paid player is accepted by 81.9%.

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I read a few of your pieces and all were very good. You write well on a variety of subjects, but sports seems to be your favorite. I like Harper, but don't care for the Phillies all that much. :) I liked him a lot a few years ago when I was playing DFS, but I stopped that when DraftKings and the other big one got the government on their backs. Haven't watched much BB since then.


Well, thank you, friend. You seem fairly established so that means quite a bit to me. I'm grateful that you decided to follow me, as well. Baseball is certainly my favorite (what gave it away? lol). I dabble in NFL in terms of DFS also, but don't care about the sport as much as baseball. Thank you for all of your opinions. Hope to see you around.

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I know this is old, but I wanted to put my 2 cents in. Every year here in Grand Junction, CO we have what's called JUCO it starts Memorial day weekend. It's the Junior College World Series so to speak. He was here when he was still at school in Nevada.

One of the activities JUCO does is they have cards made up with all of the players, at the end of the games the kids can wait around and get the players to sign them. Mr. Harper showed up for 1 or 2 of the nights that he played, but refused to sign cards. He was so rude to my son's friend told him that 'My autograph will be worth millions some day and you think I'm just going to give it away to some kid?' Is that what you say to a 9 year old? So no likey because he's an ass


Man! That is rude! Yeah, I'm on the fence about him still. I'd like to believe he's become a tad more humble over the years now that he is a star. I try to understand that he probably gets asked 200 times a day for an autograph. I think generally he gets a spotlight put on him and he's easy to hate. I definitely know he's a bit "bro", but I guess maybe I'm just seeing what I want to (not that I'm a huge fan, but his potential is crazy)

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At the time he was a kid, I keep hoping he'll wake up.

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