How Much is the FIFA World Cup Trophy Worth?

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Is the FIFA World Cup Trophy worth $20 million in gold?

The short answer is:


When researching this article I found a number of pieces purporting that the trophy is worth $20 million dollars.

While the nature of such a globally recognized and coveted award such as the World Cup makes it a virtually priceless artifact, it’s value definitely does not reflect its gold content.

So how much gold IS in the trophy?

And how much is it worth?


There is actually a significant amount of gold in the FIFA World Cup trophy, more than any other sports trophy I could find.

The trophy is 36 cm high, is 18-karat gold and weighs 6175 grammes.

18 karat gold is 75% gold.

That leaves us at 4631.25 grams of gold. At todays gold price that gives the melt value of the trophy:


$200,000 USD is no small amount of money.

But it’s pretty different than $20 million dollars.

In the San Francisco Bay Area, 200k would get you a house about this big:


$20 million might get you a house like this:

Image Source: Business insider

We can ascertain that the value of the Trophy is from nearly everything EXCEPT for its gold content. In fact, buying the trophy at $20 million you would be paying an unbelievable premium to its gold value.

Much more obtainable is a 24 karat pure gold soccer ball pendant from Menē. Get one here:


Here you will be paying a max of 20% premium over the gold value, and you will be receiving a more pure product than the FIFA World Cup trophy.

Through finding out the actually gold value of the FIFA World Cup Trophy, we can understand how special this trophy really is. We know that the value of the trophy comes from the challenge, skill, commitment, teamwork and glory of the journey of the game.

And thats....



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Ha ha ! Thanks for the idea! I did mention you in the post too :)


Seriously, I just hope that one day, Menē will produce all olympic gold medals in 24k gold. Can you write about gold value of olympic gold medal?

The trophy cup is the heart of the viewers and supporters of football, it worth more than money, is a source of leisure game. It worth to be huge amount of money...amazing content from you sir @goldmatters

Thank you for reading

Interesting article on the FIFA world cup trophy. If that was real gold it would not only be really heavy but would cost an absolute fortune. I have another interesting fact for you about another trophy. The Tri Nations rugby trophy was made by a company in South Africa. They got the dimensions and design and went ahead. They thought it was in inches and not cm so the trophy to every ones surprise was two and a half times bigger than expected.

That is interesting indeed!

Good article from you @goldmatters fifa trophy can not be compare with money but the heart of the people supporting football, anyway its a huge amount money.

Agreed! That is the point of the article :)

I think the only precious value in that trophy (any for that fact) is the blood, sweat and tears.
..........Kind of lost interest in the metal in it when heard the words18K.

Yes, disappointing!

You can't measured the fifa world cup with money. My thoughts it's more than money which is uncountable, it's worth only be the world's billion supporters heart♥♥♥

Yes, absolutely! I mention this in the article :)

That is cool to know. Looking at it I would have thought it was only gold plated haha but I shouldn't be surprised given the amount of money in Football.

I thought it was pretty interesting :)

A great deal more than one would think in heart and soul.

Owo $20 million dollars. It is huge.

Did you just say owo?

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I think it's worth more than any money. It's the inspiration of each athlete who made effort and placed their best foot forward in every game and challenge they had in their lives.

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

Thanks SSG! This reply marks my 10,000 th post here on Steemit!

The value of the trophy, whether 200,000 or 20 million dollars does not compare with the moral value and meaning that this trophy has to those who win it. I can only imagine how much money Messi would have paid to win the World Cup in 2014.

I hate Soccer :-D

There’s a baseball, pendant too


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