What do you do when your Opponent Taps Out and the Ref does not see. This and other things the Ref might miss.

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In the sport of Brazillian Jiu Jitsu, Submission Grappling and MMA sometimes this kind of thing happens. A fighter is caught in a submission, taps, is released from the hold but the ref did not see it so the fight goes on.

This sort of thing happens and yes it is less than honorable but lets face it people will do what they can to win. Over the years I have competed in both MMA and BJJ I have come again a whole number of these sort of things. All you can do is learn from the experience and so what you can to mitigate these such issues. Below I will list the other potential things the ref might miss and how to deal with these misses.

  • Your opponent taps and the ref misses it. What you should do is maintain the submission without increasing the pull. For example if you have an arm-bar continue to hold it but do not extend the arm any further until the ref stops you. If it is a choke just hold it until your opponent goes limp, then tell the ref you think he is out.
  • Your opponent grabs your shorts. This one is easy, switch to Vale Tudo shorts, problem solved.
  • Sandbagging. Unfortunately there is no way to beat this. However if you can prove it the competition will give you a free entry to the next time they are in town.
  • PEDs. There is no way to deal with this, just fight your best and know that they will pay for their substance abuse when their bodies decide to make them pay for it.
  • Your opponent has horrible body order or breath. Simply tell the ref that your opponent has a hygiene issue.
  • Your opponent pinches, eye rakes or some other illegal move. For this you have to fight mean, show your opponent you do not appreciate this tactics. You can do things like dropping your hip bone into their face in north-south. You can forearm or shoulder into their jaw from side control and mount. From the bottom in guard you can squeeze their face to break their posture, you know play rough.
  • Your opponent is greased up. For this one, you can simply tell the ref they should be DQed.
  • Your opponents coach on next to you on the mat. This one should trust your corner to deal with, if you are UN-coached than just ignore it and hope the ref does his job.

In the video about 3 mins 30 seconds you can see what looks like a tap, the ref lunges forward as to stop it but just as the choke is released nothing happens and the match goes on, what do you all think?

Final Though:

I can't say that I blame people for doing everything that they can to win, I mean the line between cheating and gaining an edge is really just a moral line drawn by each individual. People might call me a cheater because I cut between 7-10 pounds for a competition. I would weigh in the day before to make 149 pounds but then would walk into competition anywhere between 158-163 (for anyone interested in how to do this I will link an article for now but I will write one if there is interest complete with videos). So while I do not see cutting weight as cheating others may disagree. This brings me back to a documentary I once watched, an HBO special called "America, Bigger, Stronger, Faster". One example they used was for Bicycle Athletes. They made the example on the 4 different ways to get an edge by getting extra red blood cells in your blood.

  1. Take the pill EPO, it adds red blood cells, this is banned.
  2. Blood doping, taking your own blood out months before the race then adding it back in right before the race. Banned.
  3. Sleeping in an Oxygen deprivation chamber, this forces your body to make more red blood cells. This is legal.
  4. Living and training at altitude, this forces your body to make more red blood cells. This is legal.
    This example made me understand why MMA fighters hold onto the cage or grab the inside of the gloves. Maybe in their head its not cheating, or maybe inside that moment they just don't want to get hit again or slammed. So at the end of the day I do not hold it against people for being human and wanted to win, not everyone has the same moral compass. All we can do it fight the best way we know how and do our best to accept the things we can not change while addressing the things we can.

If any of you have anything to add, by all means comment below. Let us know if you have had to deal with any of the above or something else entirely, also how did you deal with it?

Thank for reading, please follow so you do not miss the next article.

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