In Pictures - Snowboarding at Krvavec near Kranj, Slovenia

in #sports3 years ago

I have no idea what’s up with the markets. My adventure didn’t allow me to be active so I’m half in BTC and half USD waiting for the situation to resolve. Yes I still have my alt bags as well, sadly.

This was unexpected. I never thought I’ll see the mountains up close. Never really had money and I didn’t feel like saving up just for that. However, this time I decided to splurge and take some cream off of my crypto. Why not, at least my girlfriend was happy.

It’s a separate reality up there, you literally rise above the clouds. Gloomy turns sunny in a blink.

I never thought it will be snowboarding and not skiing. But she likes the board so who am I to disagree. I only cared there was beer to be had nearby anyway.

There were other things that fascinated me. First, the nature. I looks all fun and giggly in the photos but when you reach the summit you feel that it just wants to kill you. Howling wind from all sides and freeezing temperatures. My fist started to ache as soon as I got it off my glove to take a few photos. It’s dangerous for sure and I don’t understand people who dare climbing the higher peaks. Good for you guys but there is no beer or heat up there, just saying.

Second, the inventiveness of man. The sheer amount of machinery they needed to haul and set up there is astounding. And all that terraforming just so a select few people can have some fun during winter. I don’t know, gave me the chills.

But as soon as I let the philosopher in me rest I took the sports side of it all in. Tried to glide on my board for an hour or so and I failed miserably. Here comes my tutor, cheerful Slovenian called Črt. He gave me a few pointers but at that time I was barely standing from the exertion. Is that steemit shirt he has?

In the end, I celebrated my fierce fighting spirit with a beer, as usual. Check out my yesterday’s post for that. Now some rest. So it goes.

Camera: Cell phone - Moto G4 Plus 16MP

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So do you know how to snowboard now or not? :D
(best part of the skiing is the house with food and drinks I guess ;)

Barely :) Maybe you can come with on Sunday on our mountain?

We do a lot of skiing and boarding around here - the snow here is outstanding. I boarded for several years, because my knee just could not stand the strain of skiing anymore. Boarding is much easier on the knees, I've found. But I never really got very good at it.

Then, about 10 years ago, I had a full knee replacement, and now YEAH!! I can ski again without totally blowing up my knee. Boarding was fun, for a while, but I like skiing better. Then again, I'm an old timer, so that figures, I suppose.


@magic8ball will @buzzbeergeek freeze his balls off if he continues to snowboard?

I have been summoned to answer your question! My Magic 8-Ball says:

Very doubtful

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"I don’t understand people who dare climbing the higher peaks."

No beer or heat up there, true, but you alone with the nature and the amazing view definitely makes up for the lack of the two.

Nice one mate, glad you enjoyed your snowboarding

Awesome,really nice! amazing this traveling.....

love the fog .. it is amazing !! well done adventure documentary.. Travelogue!!

Wow.... amazing place ...I'm astonishing to see your photography. Although my country have no snow but aslo I'm amazing your feel. That's cool me....
Hello sir,,,,walk with me that is great sensation.

Would love to snowboard someday but i doubt if i can withstand the cold

Yeah this what the market did last fall. Alts stall btc starts to gain momentum and what everyone thought was the bottom for alts keeps going down as people sell their alts to ride the bitcoin wave.

What happened market? It's unexpected to me. Today bad crypto looks. Time to look your awesomeness snow caps from high level taken. Outstanding scenery buzz.

Wow.... amazing this traveling, i appreciate this post. best of luck, resteemit

Hey @buzzbeergeek , this is awesome post . Thanks for the info, I will not hesitate to follow all. U received 100% upvote from @gangas. Happy weekend.

Double Black diamonds? Looks like you got some fresh gnarley powder bruh?

Expectacular It's true ... It's always good to enjoy what we have. Not everything is, have, have and have. After all, in the morning we can not take anything.

I read this offline and I laughed at you having to give in to gf

you know what they say happy wife happy life
applies to GFs too ;)

it seems like you had fun!
thanks for taking us there!