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The NFL season is upon us. We are now just a week away from the opening of the regular season and it has been one of the most active and exciting offseason and training camp in many years. Teams have been making changes and acquiring new players and personnel in hopes that this upcoming year will be the one. I have always been a huge sports fan and a diehard football fan. I have been playing and watching sports ever since I was a kid. There was no limit to the sports that I would play and watch. If it was a sport that was played professionally in North America, I was a fan.

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Over the years the landscape of the sports industry has changed and the way the fans interact with the game has evolved. As I got older I remained a big sports fan but my level of engagement with each sport started to change. There came a point when just watching sports was no longer enough to keep me watching for hours on end. I wanted to feel like I was part of what was happening on my screen. I wanted to be more engaged in the game.


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Fantasy sports are a way for the fan to interact with the game on a whole new level. How it works is that you draft a team of players and you use them to compete against other teams. You get to take on the role of coach and general manager. You re in control of what players are in your line-up and you manage your roster just like a real coach would. You are also able to trade players and make roster moves like a GM would make. Fantasy sports give the fan the opportunity to make all those decisions that they think the real teams should be making each week.

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Fantasy sports takes watching games and following a sport to a whole new level. When watching games now I am now very engaged in each and every play or event during the game. I am looking at the players much more eagerly and following their statistics throughout the game. Every yard, goal or even bodycheck can be the difference between you winning your game or losing. The experience enhances the fans connection with both the sport and the players. The way fans follow teams is often changed by fantasy sports. We all have our favourite teams that we like to cheer for and follow as sports fans but when you become involved you start to become a bigger fan of the specific players as well. My involvement in fantasy sports has broadened my favourite player's list. In the past, my favourite players would be those players that play on my favourite teams. Now, I cheer for many different players to be successful and cheer for them as they get points for my fantasy team. Some of my absolute favourite players now are from teams that I never even considered cheering for in the past. In fact, several of them are from teams that I used to dislike.


I started playing fantasy sports back in the early 1990’s when I was still in high school. We would have football and hockey drafts and keep track of the points in using the newspaper. It was a big undertaking for the person that organized these pools. The face of fantasy sports has evolved so much since then. Now you can participate in a fantasy league for pretty much any sport now. I have even seen fantasy leagues for cricket, tennis and golf now.

The internet was a game changer for the growth and explosion of fantasy sports. Gone were the days of having to keep track of point by hand. Online tools for drafting and tracking the leagues have made it incredibly easy to get involved in fantasy sports. People from all over the world are now able to draft and play together in the same leagues. This year I am personally in a fantasy football league with people from all over North America. There are members from Ontario and Quebec as well as Indiana, Florida and California. Not only can you now play online but with the fast developing cell phone market, you are able to play fantasy sports on your device using a variety of apps. Fantasy sports has become so popular that there are even a great number of podcasts dedicated to fantasy sports information and news.

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There are several ways to play fantasy sports. The most engaging and long-lasting is the head to head season pools where you draft teams and compete against other owners each week throughout the season. These are even capped off by playoffs and a championship. There are also pools where you pick players for the year and simply add up their statistical totals (pts) at the end of the year to determine a winner. Then there is the most recent evolution in fantasy sports, Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS).

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Fantasy sports can be played for money or they can be played for fun. Gambling is not necessary to participate in the games. There are many leagues that are organized and run without having to pay to be involved. However, fantasy sports has become a massive industry with the evolution of daily fantasy play. Daily fantasy provides the option of joining new leagues each and every day or week depending on the sport. This means that you can join leagues and select new teams each day in sports like basketball and hockey. The creation of daily fantasy has turned fantasy sports into a huge industry

Approximately 59.3 million users played fantasy sports in North America in 2017 with 39% using smartphones to play. The DFS market was US$3.26B in 2016 and is estimated to reach $5.6 billion by 2021. Average user spending on FanDuel and DraftKings was US$41.70 per month and expected to increase.

Fantasy football is the leader in this industry by far with billions of dollars invested every year.

Fantasy football—in which grown men and women pretend to be the owners of imaginary professional sports teams on the internet. It’s a growing industry, estimated to be worth more than $7 billion a year in the US and Canada and to have 59 million players, according to the Fantasy Sports Trade Association.

Fantasy sports has further evolved with the creation of keeper and dynasty leagues. I am heavily involved in dynasty and keeper leagues. With these leagues, you are always invested in the players on your team and around the league. In case you don't know, these are leagues where you get to keep a predetermined number of players each year. Regular fantasy leagues start with a draft where all players are available and each year you get a new set of players. This is the way that most people participate in fantasy leagues. I started getting involved in dynasty and keeper leagues about ten years ago.

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These leagues take team ownership to a whole new level. Now we were building teams for the future as well as for the current season and every decision or transaction we make can have a long-lasting impact on your team. It truly makes you feel like you are the coach or GM. Owners can make transactions year round (minus the period between the trade deadline and end of the season). The draft each year is based on league results. Between draft position and the ability to trade you are able to keep owners interested even when they are going through a losing season. If you are a fantasy sports player and have never been involved in a dynasty or keeper league I would highly recommend it.

As the NFL season is about to kick off I am eagerly waiting to see how my fantasy players and teams do. I am in negotiations with other owners to potentially make a trade or two before the games start next week. Next up will be the start of the fantasy hockey season. Are you involved in fantasy sports? If so, I would love to hear about some of the leagues you’re involved in. What have been your experiences in these leagues? If not, would you ever consider becoming involved in fantasy sports or sports pools? Why or why not? I look forward to reading your comments.

Authored by @broncofan99

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DFS for money is illegal in Arizona, so I have a partner in Massachusetts that places all the teams on Sunday and I just send him money. Once in a while he sends some back :)

Football is by far the largest game going, but it started with baseball. Strat-O-Matic leagues where only geeks need bother. The first one I participated in was done by mail. Final scoring for the week was delayed for two weeks until all results were in. Times have changed.

I've never been in a legacy league, but I'm guessing that I'd like it a lot. I have played in quite a few 'casual' leagues that had a room on skype and lots of trash talking. Big fun.

Thanks Bronco. Per the norm, a very well written article.


I remember when I first started playing fantasy baseball. It was a league out of a magazine and you mailed in your team and then made all your changes on by calling in. It was always hilarious for me because it was based out of Texas somewhere and the accents on the operators was so cool.

I wanted to feel like I was part of what was happening on my screen. I wanted to be more engaged in the game.

Literally my words! That’s why I got involved in fantasy league this year for the first time at first. I signed up for few NFL fantasy leagues and I’m really excited being able to manage my team. I’ve been NFL fan since the day I immigrated to US, but this year is different. Being able to be involved that much closer is totally whole new level as you mentioned. Right now after the drafts and preseason games, it feels like it’s a complete quiet before the storm hits. I’m just daily checking my team to make sure there are no unexpected injuries, or whether some of my bench players get all of the sudden upgraded or happens to be a Superman lol. The real game starts this comming Thursday. The exciting thing in fantasy league is that you don’t get to be fan of a single team only. You literally get excited about every single team your players are playing for. That’s the great thing about fantasy leagues. It may get a bit time consuming, but I think as a rookie, I can manage it well. And I’m sure in the future I get involved in dynasty and keeper leagues as well.


You won't regret it. Even if you have a losing team, you are so much more engaged in the games and the player's performance. It is so much fun!!!

That´s the power of Fantasy sports, and also why it is increasingly winning more and more players over the years. After all, not everybody can be a professional player...

As you mentioned, when we join a Fantasy competition we suddenly see ourselves cheering for players on your rival team and even for players that were completely unknown... Just because we want to get the most possible points and they are the key elements of our team. We really feel like a manager (with less stress I would say).


That is the best part. I have no stress over it. My favourite part of fantasy is the trading and trying new players. Never thought I would cheer for a Chief but when you have Tyreek Hill on your team you can't help it.

@broncofan99 and @adsactly, Yes, Fantasy Sports are one of the way which gives fans an essence of true management and in my opinion it inspire people to think like they are managing everything.

And in my opinion Fantasy Sports consists many leagues and different types of competitions and sometimes we see unique competitions too which we never expect.

And in my opinion, yes, Internet really changed everything and now we are engaging with almost everything in Computers, Laptops and Mobile Handsets.

And good luck for your Fantasy Team for the NFL Season and also hope and wish that you will going to have fun and also you will going to get effective results.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

Sports industry day by day increase their probability in secure life for better future

This is great. I have not heard about this one before not untill today. I guess it just helps you to put you in a more real position of handling your club like real life


It is fun. Check it out sometime.

I so very like anything wht you pose dude, keep humble :)

Love fantasy sport. I think it is great for sports as it provides interest to fans outside of their own team.

Great post.


So true. I know many people who were not sports fans but got into fantasy because they love stats and numbers. They have become sports fans through fantasy.

Very nice article! @steemsports has upvoted your post. We created a @steemsports Guild that has several of our writers and other sports fans set up to vote great sports articles like yours. We would love you to join our Guild. Check it out at Thanks!

I do a small fantasy football league with my in-laws and it is a lot of fun. Usually at the end of the season, everyone has to buy the winner a fifth of liquor. I tried doing fantasy baseball for a couple of years, but it was so much work. Fantasy football you can check once a week and pretty much be okay. Baseball you have to check your lineup every single day. It is nuts!

I am from India I know no football team India in international matchs but yet I love football and I know one day India team come on international matches

oh Fantasy sports...haha I retired from Fantasy sports more specifically Fantasy football 2 seasons ago. I had 3 different people this year try and get me out of retirement. They enticed me with 10 person leagues instead of 16, etc. etc. I didn't like the person I was when I was doing fantasy, I would get so pissed off, when I didn't play one of my bench players who scored like 25 points, or when I lost a matchup by like 2 points. I even threw my phone a few times at the couch, good thing there was a couch, don't think I could afford having so many broken phones. haha Maybe someday, I will come out of

Yes good topic selected a days to many fantasy apps are developing .
and so many ppls earning lots of money from there .this fantasy apps are kind of our part time jobs ..hahahaha ..even i m using dream11 fantasy app ...


Yes, the market is growing and more and more people are playing all the time. It still amazes me how many fantasy sites and apps there are out there.