Are you ready for English League 2018/2019 ?

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Are you ready for English League 2018/2019?

All the EPL's fan is very excited to support their favorite team for the next season. The first game will start on 10 August 2018. Manchester City will face Emirates FA Cup winners Chelsea in the season’s traditional curtain-raiser at Wembley on 5 August 2018 and who will lift the Community Shield trophy for the next season. Pep Guardiola wants to improve the records that have been outstanding this season and will spend the money for the purchase and transfer of players. Liverpool's manager Jurgen Klopp will make sure they will give the best performance and high quality of football by their players. They still expect the sharpness of the trio striker Mohamed Salah, Roberto Firmino and Sadio Mane in season 2018-2019. Can they lift the English League trophy and UEFA Champions League​ for the next season?. A few star players Fabinho, Keita ​and Shaqiri will give the best performance and world class player skills. Other teams, Manchester United, Spurs, Arsenal and Chelsea​ still fighting​ to get their best players in the teams for the next season.



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