Sport Equipment used in Combination of 2 sports

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Hai Stemian Around The Worlds....I Introduce one of the sport that is old enough, his name sepak takraw. this sport is not very attractive to young people today. Did you know that this sport is a sport that comes from the plains of Asia. This sport originated from the time of the Malay Sultanate ((634-713)) and is known as Sepak Raga in Malay. The ball used on the sport or game is made of wicker rattan and the player stands in a circle. This sport is a mixture of soccer and volleyball. played by 2 teams, each team has 3 members. are you interested in playing this sport ??IMG_20180127_231100.jpg

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thanks for sharing, write some more
suggestion : do try to take a picture with a decent camera. a phone camera is not good enough.


Ok...thank you for your criticism and suggestion...I will try to present the best..dont forget to vote and folow


you are welcome

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ok bro thanks