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I am asking people to resteem this post : ♦ Resteem to be Resteemed ♦

And I find out that a lot of people don't know how to do it, so I will show, it's very easy ! 

To resteem you have to scroll down and under the post you will find this botton : 

then you click ok here :


Done ! 

Follow @Clixmoney to learn more about steemit, if you have questions ask in the comments I will try to find the answer and post about what you asked for ☺


Thanks for tuition

welcome ☺

Thanks for the information greetings

you are welcome

You are welcome.

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thanks for the first time learned it.

You are welcome, I am happy to be useful. ☺

Thanks a big help for freshies

You are welcome. ☺

Thanks for the info.

The weird thing is i dont see the little arrow and i wanted to resteem a few posts including this one. Any ideas? Thanks again Mark

it's not weird , just every post has 7 days to be resteemed, so choose only fresh post to resteem, it will work there for sure.

Thank you. Wow.

Thank you

You are welcome.

There is no resteem button so how can i resteem it?

it's imposible to resteem an old post, you have to resteem new posts that you see in the group : Steemit for Resteem ↕ , resteem any post from the group and you can post your link to the group !

Upvoted and follow

not this post, this one is old and already get paid for it, the upvote of an old post is nothing, you have to follow the rules of the group and resteem a post from the group to post your link in it !

i can't find the bottom.

not in this post, it's old one, you will find the button in the fresh posts in the group : Steemit for Resteem ↕

you have to resteem a post from the group to post in it !

I understand.....

thanks for joining this group, I appreciate it

i cannot find that button on my steemit

No on your steemit, choose a post from the group and you will find it, resteem a post from the group ! : Steemit for Resteem ↕

Ok thanks...Its Done...i resteem a post

Followed you already. Thanks for the info.

thank you for this is information @clixmoney

You are welcome ☺

Thanks for guide.

Thank you for your advice

thanks for the info

Thanks for guidance @clixmoney..

You are welcome..

Hi, @clixmoney, how i can join to your groub Fb, sir..??

Oke, I understand

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