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Hello Summoners, I let a week go by without participating in the weekly battle challenge. But here I go again. So with nothing more to say stay with me to find out about one of the latest abilities added to the splinterlands cards. Opportunity.


The last time new skills were added, splinterlands surprised everyone (at least me) with a very particular skill; Opportunity. This is what it does:


Monsters with the Opportunity ability may attack from any position and will target the enemy Monster with the lowest health.

Of all the cards available, my favorite is the reward green SCREECHING VULTURE. The best complement for Lyanna. And you can say that I am wrong to say that it is the best card with opportunity when there are common cards, which could be used with all available splinters and not only with green. However there are several reasons for me to make this statement.


SCREECHING VULTURE has a mana cost of 3 which is quite an acceptable value for a card with these qualities. It has 2 health points, 2 speed and 1 attack, the ability to fly and the previously mentioned Opportunity. This at its initial level, but being a reward card the chances of having it golfoild are higher. In my case I have Goldfoild at level 4. But the highlight of this card is when it is level 6. In addition to the previous abilities, he acquires a scavenger, allowing him to gain a point of health every time a monster dies. In retrospect, if this card has an opportunity, it will always attack the weakest opponent, guaranteeing to gain life points from the first turn.


It is well known that these creatures are weak but with a good team they can give you victory. This is the battle I chose to share with you on this occasion:

image.png Click here to see the battle.

I made the mistake of using a card that increases speed when the rules of the game were that the cards with the least speed attack first. Despite the mistake, I kept the victory.

My Winner Team


We were asked how we deal with this ability, the answer is very simple; Destroy the enemy as fast as you can. Usually when I use the opportunity card I do it in place of the snipe cards. That is why this time I used the dragon hero to increase the attack points of my melee monsters. Basically I copy the red splinter strategy which is pure destruction.

All scenarios must be considered. One of them would be for the enemy to be faster than you and their opportunity monsters to attack your weakest card first. In this battle, as I already mentioned, I made the mistake of giving speed to all my allies. making my enemy attack first. The good thing is that his creatures not having concentrated all the attack in a single card and having done it the tank that I chose (Nectar Queen) is able to resist for several turns.

Why do I like this skill so much? That's another easy one to answer. Let's remember the principle of the ability: Then it is a card with melee attack that will attack from any position you place it. And since it will always attack the weakest enemy, it is possible that when your other creatures have hit the damage points, for example to the opponent's tank, the card with the opportunity will attack it, this could give you the victory faster. since it is well known that the tank is the main card of the entire strategy.

Last but not least the protection of a "weak" card with opportunity. in this case the chosen ones were two The furious chicken and the spirit Miner. The first one I have gold which gives me a bonus that increases the total number of Dec's I can receive, apart from its mana cost is 0 and the second one has the Dodge ability which increases the chance to evade melee or rank attacks. Both the chicken and the spirit miner would be the shields of my monster with opportunity. And it worked in the end ... Remember that if you click on the photo of the battle you can see the fight.


In conclusion, the opportunity skill is one of the most useful so far created. His cards have (some) low mana costs and the perfect team can be decisive when it comes to winning.


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