SplinterLands Stories Chapter : Jysael

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summoners it is a pleasure to introduce you to Jysael. The Story never told.

Beluroc is the only city with living beings in the entire Mortis splinter. It is well known that its inhabitants have happy lives, they have everything they need thanks to the benefits of their geographical location. They have a water supply thanks to the Ehlric river and other resources of the forest of the living. It is considered a paradise,This is the reality for all who know the history of Mortis and his cities... In this city Jysael was born.



Jysael was raised in Beluroc. Born into a normal family, he had a mother who cared for and loved him. her father had passed away before her birth. But his mother always told him stories about how happy he had been with his father. This for Young Jysael was a sign that he must always make his mother happy, living in Beluroc was really paradise ... But in every paradise there is darkness. One night Azmare pirates who were in the city ran into the boy and his mother. Drunk to the bone, one of them hit the boy, while his mother was forced to kiss the other pirate. Jysael did not hesitate to confront the subjects but they were superior in size and strength. The young man received a terrible beating, by the time he opened his eyes his mother was there, beside him badly injured. With her latest strength, the woman managed to say something to her son that would change his life forever, amazed at that revelation. he knew then that it was his mother's farewell message. Her mother was dead.


Jysael battled the anger and sadness of having lost his mother. His weakness made him feel guilty about what happened, he tortured himself with the memory of his mother, he could not think of anything else until he remembered the entire message that seemed to be diffused by anger. The boy dried his tears and got up from the floor, looking for a place to write in case he forgot the message again. Clearing his throat, he proceeded to read what he had written:



"In the dark of the soul there is a strong magic, an eternal magic with the power to save you from the problems of the living.”

An incredible power had been released that night, an incredible light illuminated the sky of Beluroc. Images began to project into the boy's mind, revealing his father's entire story. Jysael had recited the dark contract, The Dark Code of the Lord of Darkness. The boy knew his ancestry. He had a new power to control, he knew that he had to eradicate the problems of the living ... Jysael disappeared that day. No one knew where it went, no one knows what happened. Some say that the young man made a pact like Lagfael did many years ago. But that's just rumors, Rumors that made him known in Mortis and all Beluroc as Jysael Son of Eternals.

Jysael is now traveling on the Mortis splinter. learning to control his new powers, carrying on his shoulders a title that he does not know and that without knowing it would make him famous with the passage of time. We will never know the mystery behind this former inhabitant of Beluroc with the power of darkness.


Summoners I hope you liked the background story of my Summoner character Jysael. The character has different inspirations. I asked the artist in charge to do it to use several of the things that I love, like Michael Jackson, Powers and my appearance. And this was the result.

I must thank @sawcraz.art she is the artist who made my vision of my own splinterlands avatar possible. She will definitely bring your ideas to life. follow her and enjoy all her artistic work

Also take inspiration from @Splinterlore : Mortis Land Marks @chrisroberts and his wife @carrieallen have finished up the backstories and lore for all the @Splinterlands. thanks to you this universe and character now is possible.



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Wow... fantastic story.
Jysael looks awesome.

@tipu curate

Looks really cool. And nice effort for the lore. Keep it up!

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