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Time to get more spiritual.

Actually, it's not really time to "get more" spiritual, but rather to share more about spiritual issues. After hearing some encouragement to share more about my spirituality from other steemians like @humanearl, @themanwithnoname, @mericanhomestead, @freedompoint and others, I've decided to create a new YouTube channel and share some vlogs containing spiritual food for thought on a regular basis.

I know how many people feel about YouTube, but at the moment it has a greater reach than steemit does, and it seems that I've already lured quite a few people from YouTube over to steemit. I'm still trying to grow my "Papa-Pepper" channel over there too, so please consider at least subscribing to that channel for my regular, random fun, and the "Spiritual Food 4 Thought" channel too, if you enjoy considering spiritual things. Here's the introduction video that I made for my new channel.


Until next time…

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Just followed your Youtube, and "Spiritual Food for Thought", and hit the bell. :)
So true, "we don't even doubt that we are wrong"... "we have a lot of room for error", I think about this and Matthew 7:21-23, where we see someone who thought they knew and were known by God but were not. Can there be a greater error, than that?

And the sheep and goats (Matthew 25:31-36), we simply do not know who we are sometimes. I struggle with this reality, and I pray about being the man He wants me to be, and I am always asking myself if I am growing to be that, or fading away from Him.

There is a lot we do not know, even what we know can be made more full, take God we who believe can always move closer and know Him more, that in my view is the arch of the Christian life, to move from the outskirts closer and closer to Christ. But if we are not asking ourselves, how does my knowledge, or approach fall short, then we are at risk of overlooking our limitations, and opportunities for growth.

I think this is true of spiritual knowledge as well as every other kind of training and knowledge.

Anyways, thanks for the post. Hope your new channel takes off. God bless your efforts and may the Lord use this effort for His truth and glory, to bring His kingdom here on earth and to work the best good for His people here today. I pray this in Jesus name.


I think about this and Matthew 7:21-23, where we see someone who thought they knew and were known by God but were not. Can there be a greater error, than that?

That is very true. It seems that every church always thinks it's everybody else who is wrong, like it is always "the other guy." However, it is worth noting, that to everybody else, we are the "other guy!"

Thank you for your prayer too! It means a lot.


amen brother. God bless.

Glad to see this! First subscriber!!!


Woohoo! Thank you!

I don’t have an account over at YouTube, but I will visit regularly!


Thanks for the support! I appreciate it!

Looking forward to this set of posts, Thank you!


Me too! I hope that you like it!

This is great @papa-pepper! Every writer of the New Testament and Jesus warn about false teachers, prophets, apostles and false teachings. Wolves in sheep’s clothing. It is the Truth that sets a person free. Even though there are a plethora of warnings, most everyone seems to be happy and content to believe things that are definitely not biblical or proven to be practiced by the Early church.
I look forward to the next installment!
God bless the Peppers!


It'll get interesting from here, but hopefully it'll bless some people out there.


God’s Word always does its job!


Thank You Papa...

Excellent idea AND Great name... Spiritual "Food"...

Just subscribed to Your new YouTube channel... I'm #2 subscriber.

Cheers to You Papa, Your Family and Your extended family !!


Subscriber Number Two! Alright! Thanks!

Spiritual food for thought is needed in our life every day to motivate us in our spiritual growth in Christ

Subscribed my friend I currently have 373 on my channel


Cool! Glad to hear that you are growing!


im intrigued - looking forward to following along -

I'm so happy you are really making this channel a reality, I will love to subscribe to see more from you my great mentor @papa-pepper. It been long time sir. Hope u good.? Bawo ni?

Will look forward to seeing more from you. :)


Thanks! I'll be putting out more for sure!

Whoo Hoo! Heading over now to subscribe! I'm looking forward to it. Need more channels like that. Just people sharing their relationship without the agenda of institutionalized religion. You have a good heart man so I know I will enjoy seeing more of it.

Must be "calling time". People are starting new projects all of a sudden directed toward informing and comforting each other. I've seen channels on YouTube changing as well. We listen and when called we rise. I will resteem this. ❤️


Wow! Thank you so much for all of that!


You're very welcome. I support this new project whole heartedly. You'll do just fine!

Great move bro! You have so much wisdom and insight to share with us. You will be blessed and I'm praying for you and the fam. Much love to yall.


Thank you so much. Your words were key in this, so I'll blame you! LOL

We cannot only preach within our community, but we must be willing to go out and share the good news with others. I believe this is true about Jesus Christ, about homesteading, about right living, and also about steem.

Be Blessed Papa Pepper!

Cool! I'm the 7th subscriber.


Wow! Thanks man!

thank you, I'm glad to see you doing new things again.

Just liked, and resteemed your post. This is a nice channel, would want to get more involved with it.


Thank you very much!

I don't subscribe to youtube but I will try to visit your channel as often as I can...


Cool, thanks, you know I appreciate it!

Love it Papa. Truth is Truth my brotha. Thanks for this new channel. Subscribed to spiritual channel


Thanks @robertandrew! I hope that you enjoy it!

Subscriber number 4 here...looking forward to this new avenue! You can count on me for engagement!


Very cool! Glad to hear it!

Awesome! We are right there with ya! On a very similar journey!


Awesome! We are right
There with ya! On a very
Similar journey!

                 - thefarmerswife

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


Thanks! I appreciate the encouragement!

16th :)). Great to know, good luck, @pappa-pepper!


Thank you so much!


You're welcome!

Subscribed already!!!. I can't wait to be the 1st viewer on your next upload!!!. Also excited to gain spiritual growth from your channel.


Thanks so much! I hope that you enjoy it as I share!


Hopefully sir. I had to Resteem so as to help others growth spiritually!.

Spiritual food 4 thought.... I'm the 13th subscriber. I'm so happy. From 🇳🇬..

I'm so glad you're doing these. Gonna check them out!


Thanks man!

Here is to start with @papa-pepper

1 Corinthians 11:14 King James Version (KJV)
14 Doth not even nature itself teach you, that, if a man have long hair, it is a shame unto him?

It is from the bible not mine.

I am a member of mcgi.org
If you have the time you can snoop into there and find some things that will really enlighten you. ;)


I'll cover that eventually, but you must understand that there are times when God Himself may call a man to grow his hair. Check Numbers 6.... that was God's idea, not man's.

Personally, nature is not my teacher, and I'm not here to glorify myself. I think that Paul here was describing the world, and that society will often reject men with longer hair. That would also coincide with what God was doing when He created the nazarite vow in Numbers 6. He was calling a special people unto himself to be set apart from this world.

Please note, 1 Corinthians does not state, "It is an abomination unto the Lord for a man to have long hair." For some reason, people seem to read it that way. I hope this helps.

Edit: I do not believe that a Nazarite vow can be taken now nor am I claiming to be a nazarite. I am just providing that as an example to show that people use what Paul said there to mean something different than what it actually says.

Good luck with the new channel. I hope it goes well for you.
You'll get haters and trolls with this sort of channel for sure, but don't let them get to you.

Just keep on being true to yourself, and don't worry if others don't 'get' it. It's not your job to save them. They have to save themselves.


Thanks for that!

oh dear ... i was a bit set-off by the logo with the "bible on a plate" at first sight lol, thinking like does it hide a monotheist preacher behind that freedom fighter and free thinker but i'm glad to hear its not about apostacy and spreading the gospel.

I always call my self a poylytheist agnostic and tell everyone i don't believe in godS who care ... the words should be self-explanatory. It means "i don't know" if and how many there are if any.
Believers believe without proof, atheists reject without proof.
I wholeheartedly admit i do not know , there's no god or goddess who will reach out and help me in my time of need, i'm pretty sure of that by now, but as Plato's cave was probably banned by the roman catholic church at one time for being the one-work in the world that describes best perception is reality (something you don't want with a centralized dogmatic institution) i know that's different for everyone. Seven billion people, seven billion gods at least by perception. I like the hindu way of seeing things : every single one of their million gods is just "an aspect" of "god" = "the one" ... (call it the universe in other circles)
I spent too much time in catholic schools to turn to bibles but i feel the world is an even more miserable place without a bit of mystery at all.

Maybe something here for @cicisaja if everybody's welcome ? COMPARATIVE THEOLOGY, DEARIE :p mindfeast

as for the youtube, just dont care about that man, you need a TOOL to do what you do without having to hassle and just be able to do it. Youtube is the best for that, all that groupie mentality on how you should stick to #steemit or how you should stick to #minds and then NEVER use youtube despite the fact dtube is awfully SLOW at times and afaik dlive or them actually downvotes people who use them sometimes ?

you never see youtube doing that , right ? you dont get an up and you dont get a down

i wouldnt care too much about that, if you need a hammer you take a sturdy one

however :

[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Law_of_the_instrument]("I suppose it is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail. A. Maslow)

the right tool for the right job, its never the hammer that's evil, only the guy who sells it to you or the wielder :p



the right tool for the right job, its never the hammer that's evil, only the guy who sells it to you or the wielder :p

I hear you. Thanks for the encouragment!


well it just launched officically in beta so there's much to do but it runs and it has a little content

Screenshot from 2018-09-12 12-25-03.png

so im sure they would welcome people like you , @papa-pepper who put up a lot so you don't have to charge 5 flixx a movie :) or @free999enigma and their excellent series on gaming history.
That's what it looks like, the red button on the right is ads you can watch , but only if you choose to, and for every ad you watch you get a little bit of Flixx, the yellow button is the balance of what you have in your local wallet
i am ofcourse spreading it because i'm in it but i dont have content in it yet although im thinking of trying some music videos now i found something that might make it worth the time. It's based on ethereum so you do have transaction fees, but you already have a zound of videos, you know, in your case, even if you them up at 0.01Flixx a piece, every that gets viewed gives you something more you didnt have before ...

i'm not posting this, just to the people i think would benefit AND benefit their community (and in the long run the flixx price and my wallet lol)

nature is all about symbiosis, not strip-mining, i'm sure you understand