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According to the teachings of Jesus?

Ultimately, I think not, but this passage of scripture is interesting to consider and compare. Based on the end of Matthew 25, it really does look like the government is doing a much better job living up to the deeds of the sheep in this passage. What shall we do about it?


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Well, the church are more of a goat nowadays and the government, anything to be classified under the goat but would I say that the church today is not trying possibllities to be more of a sheep. Well there is no effective work in just talking and not putting it to practice.
Thanks for the spiritual growth @papa-pepper


Thanks man. I agree with your evaluation too!


Thanks friend

I have thought the same for a long time. I think that the churches dropped the ball several hundred years ago. Otherwise we would not need insurance companies. The church would help to assist those who suffered losses. Yes we would not need the perils of socialism because we would have the Godly helping from churches. Yes the government appears to do better than the church. As the church dropped the ball years ago, I wonder how they will ever pick it up? Many are too weak to even handle their own congregation. Astute observation you offer @papa-pepper. Thanks for sharing and caring to do these videos.


I think that the churches dropped the ball several hundred years ago. Otherwise we would not need insurance companies.

I'll quote that part, although I could just quote the whole thing! I fully agree, we missed it a long time ago. We still should do whatever we can these days, and think it's good food for thought.

I swear I remember seeing something about how the government over the years started making it harder and harder for churches to do this work like it used to be. Of course even if this is true each one of us can still help out our local community.

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