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RE: The Spiritual Laws of Engagement - Part 1

You explain the principles well ~ thanks.

I am personally coming to the realisation that spirituality is an over-complicated beast.

Too much thinking, once the basics are grasped, can lead to confusion.

I am leaning towards letting go, acceptance, non judgement, simplicity and love more and more these days and am working towards promoting this with my work here on Steemit.

Be well.



That's beautifully said... I guess, the reason why it's sometimes complicated is, because people try to walk on a path, that is not meant for them.
I will address this issue in a later article. Thanks!

That and the fact that there is an element of emperors clothes shrouding the whole subject I reckon.

I wrote a piece recently here about my thoughts on all this and I would welcome your comment...

Ultimately we are meant to accept ambiguity with regards to the bigger issues and just be the best version of ourselves.

Be well.