Inner earth lemurians

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Recently I have been studying the available content that will drop me hints to figure out the bigger picture of hollow earth.

I believe that secret black ops programs (like the secret space program), run by or with our shadow governments(s), are constantly hiding information in movies, t.v. shows, and fiction literature. They do this because plain sight is the best place to hide something in their opinion; for it will get overlooked.

That being said, I believe in the overall theory of hollow earth and even believe that the book "journey to the center of the earth", is a rewritten story based off of real diary entries.

I have read the European book series "tunnels" on which an English fellow ends up at the center of the earth; and I believe that a considerable amount of the story could actually be based on fact.

Most recently, I have listened to an interview of former Area 51 and U.S. Military employee, Billy Woodward.

He talks about how everything is different in the earths inner core; people don't age, they are giants compared to us, the fruits are gigantic, and giant moles are scurrying around...

He also mentions an interesting bit about an inner earth library....that has zero books.
He explains it as a kind of energy recording mechanism (crystals) that has stored the akashic memory of the universe in a holofractal copy, and he says that to learn a thing you co-operate with the mechanism and tell it what you wan't to learn with your mind and it takes you there.
This is apparently a surreal experience where you can experience things even as far out as the forming of planets.

You can watch the enlightening video here:

[Link to video] (


I find this all to be a very interesting subject considering that infinite realities exist and that we cannot even hope to know what the full range of possibilities are. For all we know our very DNA could be a fractal position of the entire omniverse! ...we simply don't know...

Indeed, the intricate mysteries of planet Tierra - including center earth - are amazingly wondrous.

If the core of our planet is in fact habitable, and prosperous, what does this mean for human beings of earth?

What does this mean for the 85%, or working class? What does this mean for creative individuals?
What does this mean to "Illuminati" Syndicated Cabal Systems and black magick orders?

For 85% of the human population, our earth being hollow simply won't mean much unless they are allotted the chance to visit and explore.

As for Syndicated Control holders, they 'most likely' already know the truth of this.
They have probably already made threats of nuclear war without thought of the intense karma that would come from planetary destruction.
But I also believe that the bigger overall situation of our planet being watched over by the galactic federation or confederation of planets (as seen in star wars) has the Cabal shitting their pants.

Their fear manifests in cover up stories like this

While truth is hidden in plain sight with channels like this

And so what If the second video holds some truth?

What kind of a galactic war is being finalized?

Whats going on?

Further evidence

The reason I decided to post this body of knowledge is to prove the existence of hollow earth.
I find it inconceivable to look at this abundance of cross references and assume it a "coincidence" ... for rarely anything in our universe is coincidence - I'd actually go as far as to argue that it is a false concept.

The following video is of an automated voice...there is no picture....however the information is accurate in that it is similar and in some cases spot-on tied with the above video of Billy Woodward. (you should really check it out)

[Link to video] (


In this video the entity is explaining life in hollow earth, how food is grown and the over all lifestyle, including careers.
He claims that hollow earthlings live a comfortable and flexible lifestyle.

The title of the video includes the name "Telos", which is mentioned in the above title as well.
The name Telos is also mentioned in this next video: Link to kickass interview

In this video, titled, "Telos & Lemurians from Mount Shasta", the interviewed persons make a profound claim that Telos is a thriving city underneath Mt Shasta in California, and that the city is occupied by Lemurians who were originally living underneath the continent of "Lemuria", which is supposedly the sunken island of which only Hawaii is left.

This would explain the lost society of Atlantis.

I would also like to mention that Billy in his interview goes into a channeling of his 50 000 year old lemurian father who tells us that Lemurians of Telos came from the continent that was named Lemuria, and before that the planet "Lemur": which he claims is the true name of what humans have been calling "planet x" or "Niburu".

When you compound all of this information together, you get a picture that is begining to look extremely colourful


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