Disclosing our future lifetime- A beginner's guide Part 1

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Many Souls on Earth are excited about Extraterrestrials like Pleiadians or Arcturians. But in fact this is merely a myopic extension of All that Is, as they miss the point that All exists. We are co-creating endless expressions of what we are: Light! The smallest Quantum particle has the property of Infinity and can take any form! Any kind of creation, whether "real-life", fantasy or science fiction are unconscious creations by Earth Humans as a means of connecting with our Soul's past and future history in the Time-Space continuum.

Even though on Earth we’re are superficially cut off from the Universes, we are still Light. We can always connect to the Universes, and do so either consciously or unconsciously. Each Light particle knows exactly what is happening in the entire Universe and has access to it for good. The Heart is our key to the Universe!

People are consistently waiting for Alien Disclosure, waiting for some authority to reveal to the world the existence of Universal life and alien contact, yet what they are all missing is that Disclosure is constantly happening by means of fantasy and science-fiction work!

It doesn't matter whether we talk about Pleiadian channeling or a Walt disney movie:
Consciously or not, both are products being created by a person's Universal Heart lineage as a result of their Soul's past and future history within the Time-Space continuum, dumbed down to versions we are capable of grasping. However, the most salient point is that it is exclusively up to US to choose our perspective on and relationship with the product. The more we neglect certain possibilities the more the Universe will reflect that back to us. The more we open up to ALL possibilities the more disclosure will take place for us INDIVIDUALLY, and it is this process within each which decides about how quickly a collective shift will take place.


The entire Awakening serves the purpose of Soul search, encouraging us to create the reality we want to experience by finding our own most heartfelt Truths. Not somebody else's Truths, OUR Truths. And the Universe will give us evidence thereof by means of radical internal shifts in perspective, which THEN allow for corresponding individual experiences steadily corroborating our perceptual metamorphosis right into according physical personal events, the very last stage of our personal inside-out change. Knowing that, how can we possibly expect a sudden collective global transformation in the physical realm regarding Alien Disclosure when we haven't even yet completed our very own individual local transformation, and why do we still wait for an external "authoritarian" validation when this is an essential act of giving our power away in creating our own reality and Truth?

The fact that among the "Spiritually ascending" community the topic of past lives is far more commonly dealth with and addressed than future lives massively testifies that even on the self-declared forefront of Consciousness trailblazers there is still unresolved fear and doubt about our Universal nature, for interpreting our lifetimes backwards doesn't require Faith in our future.

Much Love and Light,



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Would like to teleport for a while to this world

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better not! :)

Hehehe, oki doki:)

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Hi alexaventuria Nice post

Love your points. Where do crop circles fit into this picture?

I guess the enigma surrounding the crop circles' orgination fits just perfectly with my words. Generally, when something is posing a conondrum to people and remains unsolved, then this is basically a sign of the collective not being ready to know the Truth yet. In these cases some "gap filler explanations" seem to come in handy to reflect the current collective Consciousness. :)

Thanks. That is interesting. Therfore I regard crop circles still as phenomenon and enjoy them like a child. Be the universe with you !

Nice post and good info 👍

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