Crop Circles never lose their fascination

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Because the harvest of cereal crops in Europe began weeks too early, it will not be long before the last straws are cut. And what remains apart from the harvest are the memories and impressive photographs and videos of crop circles that appear every year, especially in southern England.


Some dismiss them as manmade open air art, others as examples of extraterrestrial communication, and many people simply ignore this phenomenon (a fact or situation that is observed to exist or happen, especially one whose cause or explanation is in question). I always wonder why our scientist, usually driven by curiosity and serious research, until now are not really occupied with it.
So let's look at one of the most beautiful formations of this summer, filmed by Matthew Williams two days ago.

Unfortunately, I can not contribute my own report this year, but I refer to my post from last year as I am still amazed by my experiences in the field:

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This is really gorgeous vid of crop circle! Very meditative and healing energy!

Thank you very much for a wonderful sharing of precious energy!

Indeed this is plain wonderful! I think we will get some more circles to see this year.

Please don’t forget to share!!
I really don’t know which author is putting up the new videos.


When I grow up I want to be a helicopter

Yeah, never too late!

Very funny! This really cheers me up!! Thank you very much!!

I wish I could turn the lock back so that I could go back to England to see crop circles!

Vert creative ,very amazing and hard working people they are

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Thanks for your comment. Crope circles are still a phenomenon for me, which hopefully will occur a bit longer.

Maybe in the eyes of the beholder! Have a beautiful day !

wow! wonderful!! has it been made really by extraterrestrial beings~?

If only I would know!