Artists as telepathic Soul readers


Whenever we think our telepathic abilities are not working properly we have to rethink our definition of telepathy. Telepathic communication is not the transmission of energy from brain to brain but from Heart to Heart to the brain, because the energy of every single thought depends on our own Heart connection.

As thoughts operate on a Quantum level, not only is the effect of telepathy instantaneous but also not limited to Time and Space. We are permanently receiving thoughts from the entire Universe.
Since telepathy is Heart-based communication, all thoughts we ever have, hence any interests or ideas we ever have derive from a specific source in the Universe and depend on our vibrational Heart-connection to this specific source’s Heart as a result of our Soul’s future and past history with the source’s Heart, which can be either another Soul or a particular place on Earth or elsewhere in the Universe.

We are all doing it, it is just about whether we are aware of it or not.

Any original fantasy or science-fiction work ever created by artists, irrespective of the physical outlet chosen, is depicting a story Souls have experienced or will experience in the Universe, telepathically received by the artist as a result of his or her own future and past history within the Time-Space continuum.
Albeit unconscious, the accuracy of the artists’ Soul reading is guaranteed because telepathic reception and final creation come from the He-Art, the later of which is naturally not more but an Earth friendly short-cut narrowed down to a version our mind is capable of comprehending.

In this way, it goes without saying that the more popular a certain piece of fantasy or science-fiction work becomes the more Souls do have a Heart-connection in some way to the source’s Heart, and the stronger the attraction the deeper the Heart-connection.

By cultivating the gift of telepathic Heart-based communication in the wake of our Spiritual Awakening it will become increasingly easier to consciously log ourselves into our Heart-connections to the Universe in the meditative dream state and to actively receive accurate information on our Soul’s future and past history within the Time-Space continuum, which will eventually guide us to the exact physical equivalent in the waking state.

Much Love and Light,


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PS: this is a re-post, because I think this deserves more attention. I posted this article on my very first day on Steemit so that it got literally lost very quickly.



Thank you again! You are very kind!

A woman either loves or hates; she knows no medium.

Why is the resteem icon hiding 🤷🏼‍♂️

Because it is 23 days old already, I guess. Yet even so, it was a repost, because my first release of it was on my first day here on Steemit so that it got lost incredibly easily.

I can imagine!

It needs to crosss more of this border

A fucking great read Alex, I hope you can do a part 2 sometime! It’d be awesome as I really love your insights!!

I have read over this article over and over, and found that each sentence was just to the point. Especially with this article I have the feeling that my passion and Love for it is so huge that there is no room for others left to like them ;)

Haha I joined the room anyway 😄

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sometimes i feel like my head is my heart and my heart is my head. knowing that any subatomic particle of me can be entangled with any other particle makes me feel connected to far away places and far away times. Then looking in the sky, is like in the picture above. Never thought that it could be telepathic. Unfortunatly I am most of the time extrospective because of so "important" human things like semesterbeitrags-rückerstattungs-erklärung. *But I must admit, introspection feels wired as well, maybe there is something like universal-spection? :D ** oh well I gues this is kind of telepatic

Again and again I love your comments! This article is indeed a product of some major spiritual insights, and if we haven't experienced it for ourselves I admit it is quite difficult to wrap around our mind, because it is exactly the opposite of what people have been conditioned to think. The fact that you love science and physics so much is merely a sign of your inherent Soul interest, and you surely had and will have lifetimes where you extensively have to do with these themes, which is stored in your Soul memory. So in every moment we are channeling our Soul's future and past memory in shape of interests, thoughts or ideas, short: our entire imagination is result of our Soul's past and future history in the Time-Space continuum.

Selbst deine "semesterbeitrags-rückerstattungs-erklärung" :)

Ain't the Universe grand!


Loved reading this and it kinda vibes with me.


Yeah, it is an entire wrap around of the common belief system, yielded over many years of spiritual insights.

Thanks :)

It's always surprising, how people can believe that they are only communicating when they open their mouth. Even the worst overthinkers and "logical" people communicate via "telepathy", because even they are not limited to their physical body. 😀
Awesome picture btw - this reminds me of my time I spent in World of Warcraft. How was this region called? I forgot, but there were mushroom houses with little goblins living there and flying around in the violet evening sun, was very romantic. I really miss the good old times... 😀

Very much so. In the same way, I find saying "I am not a spiritual person" somewhat funny, because we are all spiritual beings no matter how dense our body is. Of course they merely try to express their disinterest in spiritual themes, nonetheless I sometimes cannot help but grin when I hear that.

And yes, I too like the picture. Some time ago I was on the lookout for images I could use for future articles and ended up in email exchange with several artists who embraced me using their images.

I never played WoW, but enjoyed Gothic very much ;)

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