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Our lifestyle is harming this planet so vigorously that thousands of animal and plant species have been extinct and our own life is becoming hell. Plastic has become a big problem. I think some restriction on the use of plastic be imposed so that our eco-system may survive.
I found some mistake in the data you provided in your article. I think it should be corrected.

It's estimated at just around 1.6 square kilometers which an area twice the size of state of Texas or three times the size of France! That's huge right?!


You're right! The cool part of his project he that he will be making new products with the plastic harvested from his machines. The profits from that business will be used to build more machines! We will probably not stop using plastics but being able to clean it up and even reuse them is a great first step!
Thank-you for the typo alert!

You're welcome!

Join us this Earth week to sensitize and educate people to take action to end plastic pollution. Learn about our Earth week activities by following the link;
Our lifestyle is really killing Mother Earth and its time we change and make the earth a better place

Definitely. I resteemed your post also.

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