Did You know Earth Day is on Sunday April 22? #EndPlasticPollution

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Any plans for Earth Day 2018?

What are you doing to #EndPlasticPollution?

#TheGreens is organizing a series of EarthDay activities that include;

  1. An #EndPlasticPollution sensitization campaign in the mosque of the Islamic Light Center in Mile 3 Nkwen on Friday 20th April at 02:00PM.

  2. An #EndPlasticPollution radio talk on Abakwa FM Radio 99.0 on Saturday 21st April at 10:00AM.

  3. #EndPlasticPollution Sensitization Campaigns in five churches ( Baha'i Faith, Catholic church, Presbyterian church, Baptist church, and Apostolic church) on Sunday 22nd April.

  4. An #EndPlasticPollution Upcycling Training at The Greens head office on Monday 23rd April at 09:00AM

Celebrate Earth Day with #TheGreens

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Learn more about The Greens and support us to implement our 2018 Plan of Action


Stay Green!

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Job well done, guys! This is a wonderful movement, and I support you in picking up speed!

  ·  last year (edited)

Thanks and we will keep you updated of all our activities. Yesterday, it was awesome educating Muslim faithful in the Mosque on the need to end plastic pollution and care for Mother Earth as in Surah 30:30 in the Quran.

Great work, I have also taken upon my initiate to do carry out sensitization to my mates around me and I believe it has creat an impact