Why Not Trying Running Your Life With The Spiritual Law of Non-Interference?

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The spiritual law of non-interference is one of the most important laws of harmony in the universe.

Trying to interfere in the lives of others means that you are trying to deliberately trying to control another's life.

I think you know in your heart that I'm going to say that this is wrong in any shape or form. If no one broke the spiritual law of non-interference, then all world wars would end tomorrow - but still they dwell in ego.

It seems us humans like to interfere in other people's business in one of two ways: Firstly is by deliberately interfering in the business of others, and secondly is operating through ignorance or lack of education. If we interfere with or without intention we setup into universal motion a karmic cycle of cause and effect.

When we step back and take no action, we stop that cycle of negativity in motion.

If we are not involved with others, then we can start to take care of ourselves, and begin living the best life that we possibly can for ourselves. Everyone has a purpose or a path in life, and it is up to us to find this path for ourselves. Our destiny is our own. It belongs to no man.

As you begin to engage in this non-interference, you'll find yourself living at more peace within your own mind. You'll realise that to dirty your hand in the pool of others is not good. Why would you want to be involved in someone elses negativity anyway?

We can't fix others. Just think how hard it is to change ourselves before we try to fix others.

What exact process are you going to use to change others? Has it ever happened in the past?

It's actually quite amazing what happens when you leave people to their own devices, as the majority of them like it this way. This is the true understanding of the spiritual law of non-interference - the true universal law of harmony.

Peace and love to all my fellow Steemians.


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It's the mark of a truly aligned being to be able to practice this! Of course, if someone approaches you asking for interference, being of service is great. But if not, I like to plant seeds simply by being myself. And if someone sees something they like, they will either be triggered by it lol, or will begin to look for it within themselves. Thanks for posting this - it sparked a number of perspectives to explore.

It's a great law Sam, but it does take practice. It does feel a little inert at times too. I only give wisdom to others due to my philosophical training. It's their choice whether they listen to it or not. I find the key is to ask them better questions to force them inwards - hence I'm a huge fan of Socratic thinking ... and of Nietzsche too :)

Yes, asking powerful questions is a favorite method of mine as well. :)

It's also an excellent way to find ideas for content on here too ... "What do you wanna hear??" "Wow! I'm glad I asked you that question as its inspired a new idea in me!" etc etc ... [You know the game Sambo!]

Exactly. It's the way I operate on Facebook as well, but I can already see how much more valuable this is. There is a sense of community here that inspires me to be much more committed. And you're compensated for what you share. Really, its no comparison.

Facebook is dead Sam. People are just reposting links all day long and only consuming content. Facebook hates this as they want them to be content creators so they can sell them more crap!

At Steemit people are putting hearts and souls into posts and CREATING content daily. This is the real home for people like you and me. Lets leave Facebook for the bubble heads! Steem on Sambo!!

I have to respectfully disagree with you regarding the generality that "people" just post links. You've never been on my page, obviously ;) My FB page is where I attract clients and I consistently provide real value to people. It is like a condensed (sometimes full) version of the type of things I share here. Also, I curate my feed very carefully, so as to only expose myself to authentic, valuable content.

That said, I am much more committed to this, even though FB has a place in my life. ;)

Ha ha! I'd knew you'd be an exception to the rule on fb Sam, but you get my general point. So many fb users are just tablet consumers of content, they never see a keyboard like you and me. They never lift a creative finger.

I've seen a lot of Facebookers come on here just resteeming all day and whining at there being no dollars to make. You definitely have to graft on here to make it! When your reputation hits 60 you'll soon realise how deep the rabbit hole goes ... P.S. Take the red pill! :)

P.P.S. Could we see another Sambo vid soon. [Hint! Hint! From a fan!] :D

Isn't this great advice a form of interference? :)

Yeah, someone had to say it.

... only good karmic advice I promise ... cool observation though ;)

I agree with the message. So many variables though. I like to tell people to put the phone down while driving, but only if I'm in the car. I guess they are interfering with me, so I give it back.

So many variables like you say, but if you follow your own intuition you'll be just fine ... got a post on that tomorrow: 'How To Do A 'Blind Reading' Exercise That Will Increase Your Intuition.' :))

I might just be around to have a look. Thanks for the heads-up.

Interference again, by the way. :) I'm just kidding!

... it's OK, I've erased the karmic trail ;) ... see ya tomorrow @nonameslefttouse

Just wait. I have one more. Familiar with the sport of Hockey?

In hockey a player is penalized for interference. They must sit in the penalty box for 2 minutes while their team plays short-handed. 5 players vs 4 players.

Hockey knows of this karma, and embraces it.

Well spotted :) I'm sure I can find a few in the minefield rule book for baseball too!

Nice advice!! This reminds me that when "Murphy's Law" hit me...the negativity wave only passes after I accept the whole thing. If I start complaining...it only gets worse and worse. Basically, when I let the things flow...they got better!

The mind cannot solve the mind ;)

Now you tricked my mind...

When you gain some level of awareness, you easily understand that techniques are not the answer to releasing negativity – the mind cannot solve the mind. The one who created the problem does not have the capacity to truly resolve the problem, it only keep “re-creating” it in new ways. What’s required is to bring in an “intelligence”, or space, other than the mechanical intelligence of the brain in order to solve its conflicts/negativity – this intelligence comes into fore by letting go into a space of awareness i.e. yoga, meditation, intuition exercises etc. :) The @mindhunter really does leave his own mind at times to solve his mind's problems ;)

Now I totally understood!! :) We all should take time for mind solving issues!! But sometimes only time is the true healer! ;)

Time is a true healer if you use the mind to solve the mind.
If you leave the mind, this process can be accelerated a lot quicker than you think ;)
Maybe I should also be the @mindleaver :)

No, when I use time as a healer I'm not using my mind, just letting things go!! But i confess that thing of meditation always confused me because my inner voice never leaves my thoughts! My inner voice is even more chatty than me!! ahah! Like that @mindleaver, you could give practical advice :)

Trying making a start with the articles here: http://www.calmdownmind.com/ It's a great website that I love ;)

Thanks for the link, I'll definitely take a look. The article titles caught my attention :)

(P.S. Sunday cook #3 is ready)

... I have visited thy timeline ;)

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Thank you guys! I seem to see you daily now. That really inspires me.

I have been thinking this for a while but it feels so surreal to have someone come out and say it. You know the whole Maslow's Triangle for the heirarchy of needs and all that? So when you reach that stage of self-realisation right at the top, you realise that sometimes, what you do to help other people really doesn't help as much as you think it will.

So let's just leave everybody to take care of their own crap. We'd all be better off that way.. Perhaps it's time to just zen and chill out and leave people to their own devices. Doom and gloom to you if you can't keep yourself on track.

But alas, as humans, we are born to meddle. That's probably why it's so hard to reach that epitome of enlightenment.

*posted in a wistful, semi-sarcastic, mostly sad tone of voice because, hey. People are made to care about each other and that'll naturally lead to us meddling even if we don't quite want to.

Hi Jessica, the paradox is that self-acceptance arises automatically when you stop trying to accept yourself forcibly. Self-acceptance is the most natural state of being because life inherently is in full acceptance of itself. It’s only the negative momentum generated in the mind that creates the idea of self-hatred (mostly out of patterns of comparison).
When the mind’s momentum reduces, and the cloud of past negative energy is released, you realize that you naturally don’t feel self-hatred in your being – in other words your being is already free of self-hatred, you don’t have to force it. So how to reduce the momentum of the mind? Just remove the foot from the accelerator and the car comes to a halt on its own, the way to remove your foot from the accelerator of the mind is just stay as a space of relaxed awareness allowing the “motor” of your mind to slow down and finally ebb away in force. After this we don't really feel the need to interfere in anything.

I get that, but i find that it ends up being a state of neutrality rather than a positive state. Not interfering in essence could be a sign of acceptance yes, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't strive to improve things.

the problem lies in the fact that people have different ideas of what should and shouldn't be. I don't think people interfere to make things worse off for others.

This is where intuition comes in to help with common sense and everyday things. The state of the pure life stream is always positive. Only the ego churns out negative thoughts :)

I do not wish to interfere with this post.

... hence no karmic effect :))

All is good. All is peaceful.

When you do the right thing, you get the feeling of peace and serenity associated with it. Do it again and again.

Two very clever sentences @lynchiandream :))

I love this sentiment and I love the awareness that you created of it.
I do however struggle with the concept in certain ways, such as good people not interfering with bad deeds.
Eg someone gets mugged you turn a blind eye and convince yourself not to interfere.
Where does one draw the line?

That person getting beaten may have induced that karma on themselves?? They may be a drug dealer for example. Again use your intuition to guide yourself before acting ... more on that tomorrow ... 'How To Do A 'Blind Reading' Exercise That Will Increase Your Intuition.' :) Keep @breezin!

I do as a rule. Thank you.
And while you are out there hunting minds to enrich with such spiritual knowledge. I would love for you to do a piece on energies of emotions. Your perception on this would be welcomed!

OK @breezin Boss, I'll stick it on the suggestions pile and see what I can do for you :))

Was a request not an instuction Mr Boss Sir!
Have a gander at my full definition between wisdom / knowledge. I firmly believe that you might just laugh

... I have left ye a nice review :) DONE!

P.S. This article and this website may get your started on your journey ;) http://www.calmdownmind.com/understanding-the-guidance-of-your-emotions/

Or as a reminder that, that journey is why I gave myself a time out from the survival mode stade of being I was caught up in.

Check your Steemit wallet! GOOD KARMA ALERT: 10/10 for all your Steemit comments today :))

Thank you soooooooooo much! It will be paid forward one day!

Keep taking time out of that mad life stream ... you never know what you might hear or attract with your positivity ;)

Pulls pin, steps back, verbal hand-grenade at the ready......
What of art?
Most great works of art - sculpture, painting, music etc are not the product of a peaceful mind or state. Great art more often than not, comes from great suffering, internal and external.
And more often than not that suffering is induced through interference.
The risk I see in practicing non-interference is isolationism. We become so used to not interfering that we no longer connect. Perhaps for fear of our actions being perceived as interfering.
We are a pack animal, and these interactions are vital to our well-being.

Another point to address, is what is interference?
Your interference might be my helpful guidance.

Not trolling, just looking to provoke conversation.

Yes indeed Trevor! Some great art has come from suffering (i.e. the ego) but I'd say a lot of it also comes from the spirit too (i.e. the centre of non-interference); so I'd say it's a healthy mixture of BOTH ;)

Non-interference is isolationism if you do not follow common sense or your own intuition. Your intuition is the best guide in 99% of all cases.

I really keep myself to myself, I have lived in this house for over 30 years and don't know half my neighburs where as were I grew up as a child I knew everyone. Thank you for my present, you really didn't have to do that :)

Tis' a mere 4 Steem crumb! Ha ha! :)

Its very nice, you have had to work for that :)

We BOTH worked on that @cheetah chase! Got a nice 300+ post cushion now - v.close to my 9000th post - the first human or bot to ever reach there!!

WOW, well done, I should be sending you steem dollars for your achievement :)

You can pay it forward when I hit the BIG 10K ONE!! That will be a MONSTER!!

Am I thick, stupid and useless, I really can't get my head around it. I want to cashout once just for the sake of doing i but its giving me nightmares as I know I will cock it all up

The first transfer is always the trickiest, but when you get the hang of it it's really easy ;)

hahahahahahaha cashing out twice , really can't see that happening lol :)

Just quit now and Power Up until infinity! Ha ha! (Good Steemer!)

I had best get saving then :)

Once you understand that Steem Dollar thing! Glad to see @acidyo helping ya out there on your post ;)

Will do :)

Yeah def quit now, lol might just say goodbye and forget it :(

Maybe you should become a Power Up addict just like me!!

I intend to after, I just want to cash out once, then I have done it and can say it works :)

Stay close to @acidyo and you'll be just fine - @acidyo is one cool Steemer!