How to survive a broken bone till it heals

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In December 2017 I have broken my right shoulder. It was a silly accident that happened in my very own kitchen. I tripped on my slipper. So not a ski accident somewhere in the Alps or a car crash, just a simple domestic disaster.
It was a huge shock. I knew instantly that something serious happened to my body. The pain was excruciating . Could not breathe properly or lift my arm. Luckily my daughter was at home so I told her we need to go to the hospital. As it was evening time, we went to A&E. The doctors were very professional and they explained everything to me. What to do and what not to do. They could not put a plaster on my shoulder so my arm was tied up in a sling for the next 4 weeks. . But it have not prepared me for the life that followed. I was off work of course. I am right handed so I became very limited. I was very depressed. I could not dress myself or take a bath independently, couldn't clean my teeth, couldn't wright or cook, neither drive. I became dependent on other people help. Mostly it was my daughter who helped me in the morning. Then she had to go to work so I was left to my own devices. Sometimes my friend came and kept me company or took me to the shop. Oh..another problem! Winter outside! I could not put a coat on. But could do a poncho. So I called a couple of friends if they have something like that. Two of my friends replied "yes" and one of them turned up at my door the same night with a poncho even she had a migraine. I was so grateful.
I have learned in the next few weeks a lot. How to do things one handed. How to use the toilet, pull my pants up. How to put my socks on . How to wright with left hand.
Then it was Christmas time. My older daughter and her husband came for a week to stay with us. They had to cook and do the tree and all the christmasy stuff as I was useless.
A huge problem was the time. I had to spend the time with something. I am an active person, used to be busy all day, working, doing everything. Now there was not much I could do. To watch the tv or read a book...yes. But one gets bored of it after a few days. When it was not too cold or rainy, I went for walks. But if there was a miserable day outside, had to just stay inside. My daughters nagged me : "Learn something, a new language, online course, anything, now you have got plenty of time!" I did not feel like that at first . Decided to sign up at a dating site instead as being single. But again, it did not engage my brain too much. I needed something more serious. So.. I looked up some free online learning courses on Udemy . One was very interesting : "Herbal remedies and how to prepare them" . Very useful, I can recommend it to anybody who has got some time on their hands.
When I finished the course, I started to learn Italian. Why Italian? My daughter and I been a few times to Italy and just love the way people live there. Wanna go back and be able to speak with them and understand what makes Italian people so happy and stress less. Must be the sun.
So .. now I am learning a new language and seeing a guy I met on this dating site. And I am gonna prepare a nice ginger tea with honey, cardamon and lemon for him tomorrow as he has got a cold.
Oh yes.. next week am going to work. So much looking forward to it. Never thought I will say something like this!

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I'm glad you managed to cope with the broken arm issue so well, and if you found a partner during this time then maybe it wasn't a totally negative experience :)

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