Introduction to Speak Freely TV

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Speak Freely TV is a public platform for people to share what's on their minds and in their hearts from a place of authenticity and vulnerability.

To participate, simply post a video of yourself speaking with others or solo to the camera on the Steem blockchain using the #speakfreely-tv tag.

What do you want to tell the world?

To see the latest videos:

Feel free to contact me:

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love your open mindedness and receptivity to open your own mind. for that reason i think you're such a fantastic person to create and host this show! really excited for it cahlen!

i've had a lot of those experiences, too. it's important to us too to be able to go to those levels and hold ourselves & one another with compassion and grace.

it's a great platform and definitely encourages free speech and getting into our beliefs many of us have that differentiate from the norm or "accepted" ways of seeing. resteemed :) !

as we talked about the other day; perhaps we would be interested in speaking freely about the more difficult aspects of homesteading, among other things!

wow and really cool you own!!! woooo!!! go @cahlen!! love the experiment :D (and cool to know about your zoom room capability... ideas churning ;) !


Second this!
Noone more authentic, vulnerable and brave (to counter the fearful closed minds) than @cahlen!
You Jewels: I was wondering, b.t.w. why we don't hear more about the hitches to homesteading.... surely paradise isn't made as easily as you all make is out to be? Looking forward to your first Speakfreely-video!


I'm really touched by this comment. I'm a little worried you are viewing me in higher regard than I deserve. I am a flawed individual and ask that you hold my feet to the fire when necessary.


Will toast and roast as and when required! Your wish is my command, O Humble One. (Kidding. I really do think you are on the right track, and then the little hobbles along the way are all good - hardly flaws, just being human.)


Thank you for the encouragement! I'm excited to have a conversation with you two... just let me know when you're ready.

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thanks bro, this is awesome and much like some ideas I have for some time now... CU Soon

resteemed @the-hearth! let's get the news out there!!