Two Latino Community Witnesses Ready to Launch into Top20 - Vote Now!

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Each day the Steem community is taking back an inch to regain control of the Top20 consensus witness positions recently taken over by Tron with the help of exchanges voting with their customer funds without customer consent to do so. While Huobi and Binance have withdrawn their votes, Poloniex continues to vote and so does the Steemit stake which has broken its social contract to never be used to vote to manipulate community governance.

So far the community has turned out in droves to vote for original witnesses to regain the top 20 slots, but each day Tron powers up more hostile stake to counter. We have gained 11/20 positions and need your help to regain some more.

Spanish witness @cervantes and Portuguese witness @thecryptodrive are neck-in-neck in votes and the next in line to enter the top20. Only with your help can we regain super-majority consensus postions.


Vote today using your preferred link:

Or use the quick SteemConnect link to vote @cervantes:

Or use the quick SteemConnect link to vote @thecryptodrive:

Ninguém deve mexer com a nossa comunidade! Vota para @thecryptodrive e @cervantes agora!


I removed my @blocktrades vote in order to vote for @cryptodrive. I voted for cervantes already. Sounds's weird, but @blocktrades has enough votes. No hard feelings.
For the Blockchain.
Politics.. eh.
But this is the way!

Sounds's weird, but @blocktrades has enough votes. No hard feelings.

That's smart and I'm sure @blocktrades understands and even supports what you did!

I was not voting for @cervantes too... but added it with all these shuffles of Justin... Made me go checking stuff. So, in some way positive stuff came out of such mess.

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That’s so awesome of you thank you!

Don't you sleep ever?

Thanks for unvoting @blocktrades. I hate this bastard. Don't bring him on next meeting please, I prefer the usual soft ballers.

You didn't even read my comment, right? You no understan engrish, no?

Fake Justin can read and understand your comments. Don't take it personally. As @smooth said above, @blocktrades understands

Oh. You tricked me. In The Internets it's hard to recognize sarcasm.
Sorry for my language. I'll edit the roughest part of my comment :) ✌️

@thecryptodrive tu és uma witness portuguesa??? Porque não estás com a comunidade portuguesa nem interages com a comunidade Portuguesa?

Descendencia vai até ao outro lado do planeta.... =) olha eu! LOL

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Hi @portugalcoin, I’m Portuguese but South African born. I didn’t know there was a big Portuguese community on Steem, send me the link to your chat server. I’ve not been involved in many communities because I’ve been busy as CEO of BuildTeam which has multiple apps such as, steemvoter, minnowbooster, ginabot etc, my biggest mistake was not getting involved more in communities.


The Portuguese community is @steemitportugal, but we use telegram more.
Get in touch with us.
See you soon!

Thanks but the Discord invite is expired

I might have done some damage on bridging Portuguese community to New Zealand OLOL

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Nós Portugueses estamos em todo lado no mundo. Gosto muito disso :)

Wow. That's also a good news. More steem Communities giving more respect and responsibility on Steem witnesses list.

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What we need is a witness from around the world, making steem more decentralized...

Agree with "we need to decentralize witnesses"... but for now the urge is about something else, and the community should realize this is the focus.

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When I voted for 30 witnesses I had 600SP. Now I have 900SP. Will 900SP be automatically taken into account for my votes?

Yeah it will adjust, no need to unvote/revote.

I already did, weeks ago. Decentralization means serious witnesses from around the world!

Do serious witnesses from #china count?

Only if they're human and not puppets :D

All my witnesses run on one server. That is 100% human. You really just wan to fuck me, right?

And who wouldn't want to fuck you at this time? :D

Right!? I know for sure I am the most fuckable asian in the #crypto world!

Had no idea you were Portuguese! Thought @steemitportugal and @dsound were the only ones.

Yeah people don’t believe I’m Portuguese because I don’t like to eat bacalhau :) Caldo Verde I do like however. We have a pet rabbit and grow grapes in our garden if that is any indication. Hehe

And every time I keep being reminded that someone (Portuguese too) in Auckland area that does "pasteis de nata" for ~6NZD each... I go and influence my wife to do a home batch... =)

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Nice you must send me the recipe, my wife is english and doesn’t know how to make them. :) my grandmother was tops at making them but sadly she passed long ago.

Its a trial and error thing to be honest, most of it comes from other skills (besides the recipe indications), but I will do.

I will try to add our own comments to it.

Bro pasteis de nata! Ambrosia from the Gods!

Sem dúvida 😂😂

Voted for both witnesses. Hopefully you guys can kick those sock puppets. finger crossed

Looking forward to kicking some butt!

If you run also version 0.22.5 I will certainly vote for your witness. I see our interests are in alignment.Thanks for unvoting ex-top20 witnesses, you help more than you can imagine.

LOL, that's actually not a bad idea do PR justin in the bad way LOL

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Lolmao version 22.5 can kiss my ass 🐴

Is that an offer? Still looking for someone that wants to fuck me. Call me :*

Your bad mood doesn't belong here

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You should stop using the account and remove the image and name you are using.
Use the account you have before if you are trying to be funny, you know that many people here will not tolerate this behavior.

I upvoted this post because I like the community to think they are in control of my blockchain!



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each day Tron powers up more hostile stake to counter. We have gained 11/20 positions and need your help to regain some more.

I don't think only tron . Many steemians likely to lean on them.

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Ok Ric, you have my vote of confidence, this is no time to play politics. Resteemd.
Im not even gonna ask you if you like jaguars or any of that question 11.


I did some readjustments, I think, we need more people to do the same to push the ones that are near, to top 20.

Our voting is pretty inefficient.. Can someone check which big accounts are voting for @blocktrades and not for our witnesses next in line?

Some whales don’t want to vote for certain people because of personal preference or old feuds or whatever, which imo is childish in a time like this. Also if you look at they are only voting for 4 of us intentionally to prevent justin from hardforking, but they don’t yet want to commit to vote all old witnesses in either so we don’t get consensus either, bit of a stalemate.

I see. I hope they are aware that he can out purchase us and soon their stake won't mean anything and will not be the tie breaker.

Vamos hermanos!

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Para que fique original esse convite...
Acho que o mesmo texto em Português seria bem-vindo.
Penso que essa é uma excelente oportunidade.

Wow... competion!!! ... steem witness VS fake tron witness...and we the community on this match cheering Steem witnesses... I am now checking these witness details and tron witnesses were going down in ranks...its great news that Binance and Huobi are withdrawing from this battle which they realise is not theirs, Poloniex won't because it's owned by Justin that's advantage Justin Tron..ha...ha... anyway. Good luck guys I have been voting and spreading the word here in steem since 3 days...that's all I can do.

Who is more stupid:

A girl with Dawn Syndrome or Extreme Communists who don't understand basic economy?


Oh... So after showing us that you are a socialist, now you are showing us that you are nationalist as well.

Wait a minute...


You have just admitted that you are a NAZI

Fu*k Nazis!!! Too many white, nationalists in US. Hate them all.

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