Yeah people don’t believe I’m Portuguese because I don’t like to eat bacalhau :) Caldo Verde I do like however. We have a pet rabbit and grow grapes in our garden if that is any indication. Hehe

And every time I keep being reminded that someone (Portuguese too) in Auckland area that does "pasteis de nata" for ~6NZD each... I go and influence my wife to do a home batch... =)

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Nice you must send me the recipe, my wife is english and doesn’t know how to make them. :) my grandmother was tops at making them but sadly she passed long ago.

Its a trial and error thing to be honest, most of it comes from other skills (besides the recipe indications), but I will do.

I will try to add our own comments to it.

Bro pasteis de nata! Ambrosia from the Gods!

Sem dúvida 😂😂