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RE: Two Latino Community Witnesses Ready to Launch into Top20 - Vote Now!

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I removed my @blocktrades vote in order to vote for @cryptodrive. I voted for cervantes already. Sounds's weird, but @blocktrades has enough votes. No hard feelings.
For the Blockchain.
Politics.. eh.
But this is the way!


Sounds's weird, but @blocktrades has enough votes. No hard feelings.

That's smart and I'm sure @blocktrades understands and even supports what you did!

I was not voting for @cervantes too... but added it with all these shuffles of Justin... Made me go checking stuff. So, in some way positive stuff came out of such mess.

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That’s so awesome of you thank you!

Don't you sleep ever?

Thanks for unvoting @blocktrades. I hate this bastard. Don't bring him on next meeting please, I prefer the usual soft ballers.

You didn't even read my comment, right? You no understan engrish, no?

Fake Justin can read and understand your comments. Don't take it personally. As @smooth said above, @blocktrades understands

Oh. You tricked me. In The Internets it's hard to recognize sarcasm.
Sorry for my language. I'll edit the roughest part of my comment :) ✌️