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Like fine art created at the hands of some of the greatest artists through the centuries, the vastness of space has a few of its own antiquities. The particular item I’m speaking of today is a Magnetar.
This is the most magnetic object in the known universe. It’s the Rembrandt, or equvelant artis, of our day speaking. There’s so few we know about (25) they are not only very, very rare, they are the ultimate creation of another object we see quite frequently. It derives firstly from a star that has undergone a supernova, then becomes whats known as a neutron star, which as collapsed upon itself so forcefully a star 1,000,000 times the mass of our sun, is now only 25 k/m in diameter. All the atoms, protons and electrons, are forced to share the same space, becoming neutrons. If the sequence follows a very particular and misunderstood process, a neutron star becomes a pulsar. Finally the last, rarest and most curious step that can happen, is for a pulsar to become a magnetar. A neutron star that now is half its original diameter, 12 k/m but has the strongest magnetic field in the known universe. If you were to be wishing 600-1000 light years of one your body would be pulled apart at the subatomic molecular level. The physics behind this are barely understood and are a prime example of not only how much we have to learn, but how lucky we are to actually be here. These super dense objects can eject gamma rays that are so powerful and so violent, we have recorded actual gamma rays hitting Earth that ionized part of our atmosphere and actually damaged satellites from one that released a violent eruption from halfway across the Milky Way. Not solar system, our galaxy, The Milky Way. The event released energy in under a second that it will take our sun to emit over the next 250,000 years. Not to mention, going the speed of light, it would take you about, mmm, somewhere in the neighborhood of 120,000 years to cross. The speed of light is 182K and change MILES PER SECOND. So we talking something that is 60K light years away from us still showed it could reach out and touch us! It’s amazing, beautiful, mind twisting and frightening to think about items like this. This is just one of the facinating objects we have found in the known universe. Items like this, as well as black holes I guess are more the artist than artwork, becuase their actions literally are part of what shaped, mold, destroy and create whats around us. I just hope we do not exactly become center canvas. If you would like more reading on this subject check this Link out:



I find it unbelievable that we are not investing larger amounts of money in space.
In my opinion the best solution to getting into space is the use of an orbital ring.
Check out Isaac Arther on youtube on orbital rings.

I def. will, thank you for that info. I was actually just watching a PBS series on Quantum entanglement and a, well, not to sound crazy, a sort of peek a boo universe. It was showing experiements from famous physicists debating where there has to be hidden variables properties vs experiements that are debating for quantum engtanglement to exist, it doesn’t not in fact have to have or follow the theory of hidden variables, locality and causality, but they only fall into place when observed. I have fallen down the rabbit hole and understand most if not all of what they have broken down, but its getting really deep, really fast. Haha. We absolutely should be investing more into space period. Not so much landing on mars, I mean, not that it would not be wicked cool! But if having to choose, Id use that money to produce needed experiments not only differently but in a more grand or sub atomic level. It’s just so much we are cluess about!!!!

simply beautiful. I'm saving that picture for sure.

Thanks for the read @gregorypatrick!

Space scares me, I try so hard and cannot even begin to fathom the vastness and unknown. This has always been on of my guilty pleasures to learn about. Great info here.

Same here! Ive recently within a few years really started getting interested in all of the wonders and oddities out there and It is honestly terrifying. We have no clue what happens once in the singularity of a black hole, which is generally the center of all galaxies and just as soon as we feel like we are about to get something pinned down, they find the 1 case that shatters their train of thought!

My dream is to go out in d space
The universe fascinates mii

We love in amazing time and I cannot wait for the James Webb telescope to be launched. It's going to blow Hubble's pic away!

Thanks man. I appreciate that.

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