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RE: Universe masterpieces

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I find it unbelievable that we are not investing larger amounts of money in space.
In my opinion the best solution to getting into space is the use of an orbital ring.
Check out Isaac Arther on youtube on orbital rings.


I def. will, thank you for that info. I was actually just watching a PBS series on Quantum entanglement and a, well, not to sound crazy, a sort of peek a boo universe. It was showing experiements from famous physicists debating where there has to be hidden variables properties vs experiements that are debating for quantum engtanglement to exist, it doesn’t not in fact have to have or follow the theory of hidden variables, locality and causality, but they only fall into place when observed. I have fallen down the rabbit hole and understand most if not all of what they have broken down, but its getting really deep, really fast. Haha. We absolutely should be investing more into space period. Not so much landing on mars, I mean, not that it would not be wicked cool! But if having to choose, Id use that money to produce needed experiments not only differently but in a more grand or sub atomic level. It’s just so much we are cluess about!!!!