Sonicgroovelive Week #07 / Originalsong: ". "La redonda y la cuadrada / The round and the square." [Esp-Eng]

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Hola, mis más sinceros abrazos para cada uno de ustedes. Esta semana participo, casi tarde, en #Sonicgroovelive en su séptima semana. He interpretado una canción que, recién, acabo de componer y que, a decir verdad, me causa cierta gracia. Disfruto tocarla y, sobre todo, vivirla mientras la canto.

Hello, my most sincere hugs for each of you. This week I participate, almost late, in #Sonicgroovelive in its seventh week. I have interpreted a song that I just composed and that, to tell you the truth, causes me a certain grace. I enjoy playing it and, above all, living it while I sing it. Welcome to the metaphor of the circle and the square.

"La redonda y la cuadrada / The round and the square."

"La redonda y la cuadrada / The round and the square."

La conocí en el ascensor; bajamos del quinto piso.
Era el vestido que llevaba, yo subía, ella bajaba.
A qué no te quedas conmigo.
Por nuestro Cristo redentor!
¿Contigo qué fue lo que hizo?
A mí me queda tu belleza y te
lo digo con franqueza; redoblando en mis sentidos.
Y mientras más le decía, ella más me escuchaba:
yo le dije la redonda, yo le dije la cuadrada.
Y mientras le pedía ella, más,
a mí me daba: me dio de la redonda y me dio de la cuadrada.
Una pestaña en el alcohol me toma por mi propio vino.
Era el vestido que llevaba; yo subí y ella bajaba... qué... no te quedas conmigo?

I met her in the elevator; We got off the fifth floor.
It was the dress she wore, I went up, she went down.
Why don't you stay with me.
For our redeeming Christ!
With you what did he do?
I like your beauty and you
I say it frankly; redoubling in my senses.
And the more I told her, the more she listened to me:
I told him the round, I told him the square.
And while she asked for more,
He gave me: he gave me the round and gave me the square.
An eyelash in alcohol takes me for my own wine.
It was the dress she wore; I went up and she went down ... what ... don't you stay with me?


Thanks for listening to me. Hugs, people!

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Great singing and playing!
What was the go with the red nose 😂!

Great music lot's of passion and love the voice. Do you sing any Reggae songs? That would get a better following in the Reggaesteem or #Jahm community.

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Greetings, @wilins! that was cool!
Good luck, dear friend...

Gracias por tu entrada de Sonic Groove Live esta semana 7

Ven y únete a nosotros en discord

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Good tune man, the Spanish and the Reggae go really well together:)

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Hi @dmilliz! He is my son!

Estupenda y divertida canción @wilians ese vestido travieso la escuchamos en @radiosteemit el domingo en el programa de steemania @marian0

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