My Life In 8 Songs

in songstory •  9 months ago
I got to know about this challenge- my life in 8 songs from @hopehuggs blog post refering to @pennsif's challenge post
Well my life in songs would start with the naive or hopeless romantic me that I always am! Usually When a guy has got what I desire, I never make the chase hard! so hello by beyonce expresses how easy I can fall in love!

Then when I am so in love all I want is Half on a baby- R.Kelly (My Bestest Love-making song by the way😉)

Then my friends trying to put some sense to me but I just reply them with this song by Leona Lewis -bleeding

Then I finally realise my friends were right as he starts giving me sweet nothing - calvin harris feat. florence welch

Then suddenly I realise we don't talk no more- Charlie Puth feat. Selena Gomez

now suddenly am single and hoping I will get excited as beyonce in her song -single ladies

as Mr. Y gets to finally put a ring on it and sing stickwitu by PussycatDolls for me

because I don't wanna be no broken hearted girl (Beyonce) lols

Yes, So That's my life's story in 8 songs, What's Yours? You can comment below or join this challenge with the hashtag #songstory.
One last song I would love to add to this list. Thanks to steemit "I will leave my Mark" as I was Here- Beyonce

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Cool you have found out a lot about yourself musically...👍👍


Yes, I guess everyone can write his/her story with songs.

Born this way - Lady Gaga


That is awesome the way you tied all the songs together! Sometimes it is so much easier to express things through song then through words alone. I am a singer and I know that it can be much easier to express myself through song!


Thanks dear, I totally get you. It's way easier using music to express feelings and life in itself.

Love this...😍


Thanks babes!

Music for the sad man

Thanks for the song selection and for the mention of my forthcoming radio show.

I hope you can listen in to the show when it starts on Saturday 3 March, 9pm - midnight UTC on MSP Waves Radio.


You're welcome. I will try to be on discord then.